Media Mornings: Mon, Sept 10

On this edition of W2 Media Mornings, we discuss federal cuts to aboriginal organizations across Canada, as well as a world-record setting feature-length documentary film showcasing the work of over 19,000 volunteer filmmakers.

  • Hosted by Jane Bouey.
  • Interview with Pam Palmater about cuts to Aboriginal organizations. Palmater is a Mi’kmaw citizen, member of the Eel River Bar First Nation in northern New Brunswick, and head of the Centre for Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University. She was runner-up to Shaun A-in-chut Atleo for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations this year.
  • Interview with Mohamed Alborno, about Wednesday’s screening of One Day on Earth. This feature-length documentary film showcases the work of over 19,000 volunteer filmmakers – novice and professional – and sets a world record: the first movie to feature footage from every country in the world on the same day.
  • Interview with Alnoor Gova (Co-founder of the Siraat Collective) about his essay ‘Reading Khadr: Making sense of Canada’s reluctance to do the right thing’ in the new anthology, ‘Omar Khadr, Oh Canada.’
  • Latin America report with Claudio Eckdahl.
  • Music: Feist (‘Graveyard’), Mother Mother (‘Original Spin’)

Today’s news headlines:

  • Okanagan Wildfire: The Okanagan wildfire near Peachland grew overnight. More than 1,500 people have been evacuated under a state of emergency
  • Police Accountability: B.C.’s independent office to investigate RCMP and municipal police finally opened this week, a year later than announced
  • Canada-Iran Tensions: Canada suspended diplomatic relations with Iran and expelled diplomats, dismaying many in Canada’s Iranian community, and sparking speculation about a possible Israeli strike against Iran
  • Media Concentration: Hard questions are being asked about Bell’s $3.4 billion acquisition of Astral Media, and is being investigated in an inquiry starting today
  • Bank Profits: Canada’s Big 5 banks have issued their third-quarter earning reports, announcing record-high profits and spurring call for limit on ATM fees
  • Airline Union: German-based Lufthansa airlines caved to union demands not to hire cheap temporary cabin crew, after a series of labour actions
  • Thailand Wages: An increase in Thailand’s daily minimum wage has been passed, despite business leaders’ claims that it will lead to layoffs and closures
  • Japan Anti-U.S. Army Protests: Up to 100,000 Japanese activists rallied yesterday against U.S. deployment of Osprey fighter aircraft on U.S. base in Japan, reigniting anger at American military presence in Okinawa
  • India Nuclear Energy: Thousands protested the opening of India’s largest nuclear plant, while police used teargas and force to remove demonstrators from a beach near the plant

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