Media Mornings: Wed, Sept 12

On this edition of Media Mornings:

  • Interview with Andrew MacLeod (The Tyee‘s legislative bureau chief) about his most recent article about the B.C. Ministry of Health’s decision to suspend several drug research projects over rule-breaking — but which were possibly also harming Big Pharma profits.
  • Interview with Joey Hartman (President, Vancouver District Labour Council) about a settlement to the lockout of Teamsters Local 31 workers  by the Rocky Mountaineer, as well as a “new union” being voted on by CAW and CEP (and why it isn’t a merger).
  • Interview with Malcom Levy (Director, New Forms Festival), about the event’s 12th year providing accessible, groundbreaking work from independent artists (Sept. 13-16).

Today’s News Headlines:

  • Simon Fraser Union: 1,200 SFU support workers will hold a strike vote Sept. 25-27. The unanimous decision by their union’s executive and bargaining committee to hold the vote comes after two years of fruitless talks with the employer.
  • Local Theatre Closing: The owners of the Denman Place Cinema will not renew their lease at the end of the month, even though they spent a significant sum investing in improvements.
  • Police Investigated: On its first day of operation, the new Independent Investigations Office has launched a probe into a fatal shooting near Prince George involving an RCMP officer.
  • Tuition Rising: A new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shows that since 1990, average tuition and fees for undergraduates have risen by 6.2 per cent annually — three times the rate of inflation.
  • Teachers Union: The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario is urging its members not to participate in “any school-based or system level meetings of any kind” on Mondays, after after an anti-strike bill passed in the legislature.
  • Rocky Mountaineer Lockout: Locked out Rocky Mountaineer on-board attendants are finally going back to work after almost 15 months on the picket line. Teamsters Local 31 has negotiated a new three year agreement for the 103 workers in the dispute.
  • Alberta Oilsands: Less than two weeks after Alberta enacted legally enforceable pollution limits for its oilsands region, the limits will soon be exceeded by emissions of major gases causing acid rain.
  • Guantanamo Death: A ninth prisoner has died at US concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The US military admitted on Monday that the death came two days after the man was found unconscious in his cell.
  • Occupy Evicted: One of the last Occupy camps in the world was closed down yesterday in Hong Kong. Bailiffs cleared out Occupy activists and their belongings from a site under HSBC’s Asian headquarters.
  • South African Mines: Nearly 15,000 gold miners have been suspended in South Africa for starting what their employer calls an illegal strike.
  • Chicago Teachers Strike: Today is day 3 of a strike by teachers in Chicago, leaving 350,000 students without classes.

Today’s Event Announcements

7 pm Wed Sept 12 – One Day on Earth Film Screening W2 Media Cafe 111 W Hastings

1:30 pm Fri Sept 14 – Cuban CTC international liaison Raymundo Navarro speaking at Maritime Labour Centre Friday (cohosted by VDLC and CoDev)

Noon Sat Sept 15 – PSAC rally in defense of federal services at Grandview Park

6 – 8 pm Wed Sept 19 – first of 6 Wed night “Occupy This” about how societies work and introduction to economics from a socialist perspective  Call VDLC @ 604-254-0703 details.

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