Media Mornings: Monday, Sept 24

On this edition of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5FM:

  • Interviews with guests on-the-ground, exploring today’s current hot issues
  • On today’s show host Jane Bouey talks with:

Fay Faraday – Osgood Hall professor with new report on migrant worker rights “Made in Canada”

Katrina Pacey –  Pivot Legal’s take on Friday’s Supreme Court Decision 

Joyce Arthur –  opposition to M312 the anti-abortion bill.

Claudio Eckdahl interviews – Camilo Cahis of Hands Off Venezuela (Canada) about Venezuelan elections

  • Breaking news headlines from local to global

Joint Canada-UK diplomatic missions

Union of BC Municipalities meets today in Victoria. Core debate on taxes.

Recall of ground beef expanded six times. Full list here.

Harper government spends $750,000 in legal fees to fight veterans over clawback of military pensions.

Libyan authorities dissolve armed militias not controlled by central government.

Koch brothers dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into US election campaigns.

Thirty-three killed, 1 million displaced after India floods, landslides.

Riot breaks out at Foxconn plant in China

  • Highlighting independent music and culture


Book Launch: Paved with Good Intentions. Today (monday) 7 pm SFU Harbour Centre.

Stand up for a woman’s right to choose. Tues 10 AM South side Vancouver Art Gallary

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