Media Mornings: Wed, Sept 26

On this edition of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5FM:

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    Vancouver women demonstrating against M312 on Tues Sept 25, 2012
  • Hosted by Jane Bouey.

Today’s News Headlines

  • PREMIER STAFFER RESIGNS: British Columbians are still buzzing about yesterday’s surprise resignation of Ken Boessenkool, Christy Clark’s chief of staff.
  • QUEBEC AUSTERITY: The newly elected Parti Quebecois minority government led by Pauline Marois has swept away key austerity and environmental policies of the Charest Liberals.
  • VANCOUVER ISLAND CRASH: A truck driver who crashed his fuel truck on the Malahat Highway north of Victoria last year will avoid jail time.
  • ONTARIO LABOUR: In Ontario, Dalton McGuinty’s minority Liberal government appears to be on a collision course with the organized labour movement.
  • GREEK GENERAL STRIKE: Another one-day general strike is being held today by the two biggest labour federations in Greece.
  • SPAIN POLICE VIOLENCE: In Madrid, police attacked thousands of demonstrators gathered yesterday in the city’s Plaza de Neptune, 100 meters from the Congress building.
  • EGYPT JAILS UNIONISTS: In other labour news, an Egyptian court has sentenced five dock workers to three years in jail for inciting a strike.
    Ex-Guatemalan commander linked to massacre to stand trial in U.S.
  • US-LATIN AMERICA MASSACRES: U.S. Grants Immunity to Ex-Latin American Leaders Charged in the Massacres of Innocent Civilians

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