Media Mornings: Thur, Sept 27

On this edition of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5FM:

Interviews with guests on-the-ground, exploring today’s current hot issues

Stephen Gaetz – Director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Centre on his new report, “The Real Cost of Homelessness”.

Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight on Margaret Wente and plagiarism, the Pacific Trail Pipeline and more.

Alfonso Osorio on Evo Morales speech at the UN, Colombian peace talks, and more.

  • Breaking news headlines from local to global

M 312, the Conservative private member’s anti-abortion bill was defeated in the House of Commons yesterday, by a vote of 203-91. Full list of MP votes.

The latest obstacle to Enbridge Corporation’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline is a fish – the Nechako white sturgeon. Endangered species lives in two rivers in the pathway of the proposed pipeline.

The NDP are condemning the provincial government for aborting the fall sitting of the legislature after the latest update on child poverty in BC.

B.C. politicians and other public figures are being challenged to eat on just $26 for one week in October.

Canada has apparently made no contribution to UNICEF’s relief efforts to help over 265,000 Syrians who have fled the country since March.

The violence in Syria is a major topic at the 67th UN General Assembly this week.  More than 300 people were killed on Wednesday, one of the bloodiest days yet.

  • Highlighting independent music and culture

Sunday evening at the Rio is the launch of Rae Spoon‘s first book, a collection of short fiction – “First Spring Grass Fire”. Also performing Geoff Berner and Cris Derksen.

CUTV NDN Affairs interview with playwrite Kevin Loring . Kevin is a member of the N’lakap’mux First Nation. His play “Where the Blood Mixes” won the 2009 Governor General’s Award for Drama.

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