Media Mornings: Mon, Oct 15

On this edition of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5FM:

Tahrir Square uprising (Photo by Ed Ou / Getty)

Hosted by Jane Bouey.

  • Interview with Hassan Husseini (Twitter), a Canadian activist and scholar currently in Egypt. Husseini has been published in Briarpatch Magazine. We’ll be chatting about his observations about what is happening there now — almost two years after the popular uprising began.
  • Interview with Scott Clark (ALIVE: Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement), on urban Aboriginal input in city planning and a new condominium development proposed for across the street from the Raycam Centre — at 955 E Hastings —  Public Hearing at City Hall on Tuesday Oct 16th 7:30 pm 3rd Floor Council Chambers.
  • Audio from a local talk by former CLASSE spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau Dubois about Quebec’s Maple Spring and its significance.
  • Media Mornings’ Latin America Report with Claudio Ekdahl.
  • Celebrating independent local music, arts and culture

Today’s News Headlines

  • LOCAL: GUARD ATTACK POSSIBLE HATE CRIME: A possible hate crime  is being reported in the Province this morning. A 65-year-old Surrey security guard is in hospital with more than 100 stitches to his head after being brutally beaten by three men in an unprovoked attack (Province).
  • BC: AMANDA TODD BULLYING SUICIDE: Amanda Todd’s mother, Carol Todd, doesn’t want other children to suffer as her daughter did — stalked and harassed by bullies in cyberspace and in the schoolyard, by people she knew and by stalkers many miles away (Vancouver Sun).
  • BC: MILITARY RESEARCH FUNDING: Medical researchers in British Columbia are being encouraged to seek US military funding. Tyee Legislative Bureau Chief Andrew MacLeod reports that an industry group and a Canadian government agency will host a workshop next month on the UBC campus to encourage researchers to compete for military contracts (Tyee).
  • AFGHANISTAN WAR: National Defence successfully pushed the Harper government last year to ease the prohibition on Canadian troops from setting foot in Kandahar and participating in combat operations by establishing an exemption for those serving with allies. It is a decision that violates both the spirit and the letter of the Parliament motion that led to the country’s exit from the Afghan war, the opposition charged (CP).
  • IRAQ: US and UK weapons ammunition were linked to heart defects, brain dysfunctions and malformed limbs, according to a recent study. The report revealed a shocking rise in birth defects in Iraqi children conceived after the US invasion. (RT News)

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