Media Mornings: Wed, Oct 24

On this edition of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5FM:

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    Marianne Breton Fontaine – Quebec activist and Media Mornings contributor.
  • NEWS Headlines:
  • CBC Reports: A former New Democrat MP, Jim Manly, who was arrested on board a ship intercepted while travelling to Gaza has been released from Israeli custody.
  • The Tyee reports: Opponents of pipelines and tar sands tanker traffic along the B.C. coast are holding another round of demonstrations across the province today.
  • Corruption in the Quebec construction industry remains in the news as the Charbonneau Commission continues its hearings in Montreal – the Tyee.
  • If you feel like you are working harder and enjoying it less, you are probably right, according to a new study of “well-being” among Canadians.
  • Maan News reports that, Israeli forces have arrested four Gaza fishermen, according to Gaza’s ministry of agriculture.
  • Six people have been killed in the African country of Guinea-Bissau when a group of soldiers attempted to seize control of a military airbase near the capital report the Morning Star.

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