Media Mornings: Tue, Nov 13

On this edition of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5fm, we discuss the role of Indigenous people in the US elections as well as a lawsuit by foreign workers against Tim Hortons and Right to Exist, Right to Resist conference.


  • Hosted by Irwin Oostindie.
  • Media Mornings Latin America Report, with Alfonso Osorio.
  • Celebrating independent local music, arts and culture

Today’s News Headlines

TOP STORY: USA/LIBYA BENGHAZI RAID SECRETS: The fallout from former CIA head David Petraeus’ resignation might be more significant than first thought: as all eyes turn to the ex-intelligence chief’s mistress, it’s apparent that she may have been privy to what really happened in Benghazi. A speech given by Broadwell only last month at her Alma Mater suggests that she was given information about the terrorist attack that never made it to the American public: that the consulate raid was in fact an attempt to free Libyan rebel prisoners held in a secret CIA facility there (RT).

VANCOUVER: CHINESE CANADIAN VETERANS: On Remembrance Day, many Chinese Canadian veterans recall their struggle for citizenship and equality. Some Vancouver veterans are hoping to gain inclusion for Chinese Canadian war efforts as part of the permanent exhibit at the national Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. Chinese were rejected in British Columbia as “unwanted soldiers” — a term used by federal authorities at the time (Vancouver Observer).

BC: TSUNAMI WARNINGS: The powerful earthquake that rocked British Columbia’s coast two weeks ago has shaken up the way the provincial government issues its tsunami alerts. Following the Oct. 27 magnitude-7.7 earthquake that rocked Haida Gwaii and B.C.’s northern coast, the provincial government came under fire for taking too long to notify people about a possible tsunami (Vancouver Sun).

BC: PRESCRIPTION DRUG OVERDOSES: People in southeast British Columbia are dying from prescription opioid overdoses at the same rate that they’re dying in drunk-driving crashes (Vancouver Sun).

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