Media Mornings: Wed, Dec 19

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Listen to today’s broadcast of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm: Host Jane Bouey discusses defense of public education, labour rights, and democracy with guests.


Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario billboard. photo: media co-op
Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario billboard. photo: media co-op


  • Across Ontario teachers are walking out, taking a stand for students, labour rights and democracy. We talk with Lisa Hammond, President of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario local in Hamilton-Wentworth about what is going on and why it matters to all of us.
  • Joey Hartman, President of the Vancouver and District Labour Council discusses the dangers of “Right to Work” legislation. Plus the labour movement in solidarity with Indigenous struggles.
  • Patti Bacchus, Chair of the Vancouver School Board discusses defending public education in a climate of underfunding and budget cuts. We discuss the latest downloading of costs by the Provincial Government.
  • Breaking daily news headlines:
  • Snow and winds cause ferry cancellations, and closures of SFU Burnaby Campus and all Douglas College Campuses.Plus slowdowns on the roads.
  • Women who work in B.C. earn less than women in the rest of Canada, according to a new report by SFU professor Marjorie Griffin Cohen. The Tyee’s Rachel Bergen reported yesterday about the study.
  • The Nov. 24 deaths by fire at the Tazreen Fashion plant in Dhaka, Bangladesh were not an isolated tragedy, and the tragedy may have connections to Canada. The Tyee’s Tom Sandborn reports that over 700 Bangladeshi garment workers have died in factory fires since 2006. The Tazreen plant may have been producing for the Canadian market.
  • The Tyee reports, the B.C. government announced yesterday that an agreement has been reached to ban gas extraction in the Sacred Headwaters area of northern BC, also called the Klappan Valley.
  • Music today included: songs by Bocephus King, Jane Siberry, and Kinnie Starr

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