Media Mornings: Wed, Feb 6

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Workers in salmon cannery - City of Vancouver Archives
Workers in salmon cannery – City of Vancouver Archives
  • News headlines: 
  • News 1130 reports: A decision on the proposal to add luxury units to Beach Towers in the West End is being delayed for two weeks. Last night council chambers were packed with people waiting to hear from about 50 speakers address council on the rezoning application for the project.The plan includes four new buildings with a total of 133 high-end units. Some people living in the West End are opposed to the project because of the lack of affordable housing.
  • The Vancouver Sun is reporting: The Harper government’s disaster planning has not kept pace with proposals to greatly expand oilsand exports from B.C. ports using supertankers, Canada’s environment commissioner said Tuesday. The government only has management plans, training and equipment for oil spills of up to 10,000 tonnes. That’s a vastly smaller spill than the potential spill from the supertankers expected to come to B.C., some holding up to 300,000 tonnes.
  • In the latest allegation that the Harper Conservatives are trying to manipulate the electoral system, the party has admitted that it arranged a controversial “push poll” to warn voters that changes to riding  boundaries would supposedly undermine “Saskatchewan values.” – Bryan Cheadle of the Canadian Press reports.
  • Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence has called a band council meeting for Thursday to discuss a blockade on a winter road leading to a De Beers diamond mine.
    Aboriginal Peoples Television Network reports that a group of residents of the northern Ontario reserve set up the blockade on Monday, on a road the company uses to move in supplies that would be too heavy to fly in.
  • South Africa’s Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) has welcomed what it calls a short term victory. Farm workers have won a 50%  minimum wage increase, from 69 Rand per day to 105 Rand. – COSATU
  • The French defence minister says “Several hundred” Islamist militants have been killed since France launched an offensive in Mali last month. – BBC and Global Research
  • In another story from the so-called “war on terror,” at least 54 countries offered the CIA “covert support” to detain, interrogate and torture suspects following the 9/11 attacks, according to a new report. –  Open Society and RT News
  • British MPs have approved same-sex marriage in England and Wales in a key Commons vote, despite the opposition of almost half the Conservative MPs.
    The Commons voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, by 400 to 175, a majority of 225, after a full day’s debate on the bill. – BBC

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