Unveiling our 1st edition of This Week on Media Mornings! The best interviews, headlines & music from the past week’s shows. Listen online now, or download the podcast:

Kevin Neish in Gaza.

On Vol 1:

  • Kevin Neish (Mavi Marmara raid veteran) live from the Gaza Strip on prisoner death protests. Interviewed by Anushka Nagji & David P. Ball
  • Karl Nerenberg ( Parliament Hill correspondent) on the downfall of former Harper advisor Tom Flanagan. Interviewed by Derrick O’Keefe & Jahanzeb Hussain
  • Susan Rose (Egale Canada) on efforts to end homophobia. Interviewed by Jane Bouey
  • Discussion about Sun News Network (“Fox North”)’s attempt to gain mandatory cable coverage. Interview by Irwin Oostindie
  • Music by Mirah, Five Alarm Funk, Invincible & more! 

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