Media Mornings: Mon, Mar 11– Keith Henry (BC Metis Federation), Fay Faraday (Law & Migrant Workers)

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Keith Henry - President of the BC Metis Federation.
Keith Henry – President of the BC Metis Federation.
  • Howard Sapers – the Correctional Investigator – audio of release of report – “Spirit Matters” on systemic discrimination against Aboriginal people.
  • Interview with Keith Henry – President of the BC Metis Federation on the Supreme Court decision in favour of the Manitoba Metis Federation.


  • ABBOTSFORD: FARM WORKER DEATH VIGIL: It’s been just over six years since three farm workers were killed when an overloaded van crashed near Abbotsford. Yesterday a candlelight vigil was held in their memory. A model of a monument will be unveiled by the families of the women killed – CKNW
  • VANCOUVER: CHRISTY CLARK CHILD CARE PROTEST: About 200 protesters gathered outside Premier Christy Clark’s constituency office on Saturday to demand affordable public child care,reports the CBC.
  • VANCOUVER: POINT GREY CLIMATE ELECTION CAMPAIGN: The Tyee’s Robyn Smith reports that university students canvassed the Point Grey riding on the weekend, knocking on doors to ask residents to vote on May 14 “with their climate future in mind.”
  • BC: CHINESE COUNCIL DEMANDS HEAD TAX APOLOGY: The Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC) is calling on Premier Christy Clark to demonstrate her sincerity about achieving “an absolutely genuine apology” for the Chinese Head Tax, which was imposed against Chinese immigrants to Canada for decades.- Tyee
  • VENEZUELA: ELECTION TO REPLACE CHAVEZ: A presidential election to replace late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez will be held on April 14, the country’s electoral commission has said. – BBC
  • AFGHANISTAN: PRESIDENT SLAMS US & TALIBAN: The BBC also  reports that  President Hamid Karzai has criticized both the US and the Taliban, saying they are each guilty of sowing fears for post-2014 Afghanistan.
  • SPAIN: MASSIVE ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTESTS: Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in dozens of Spanish cities yesterday to protest record unemployment rates and the government’s corruption scandals. – RT

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