Unveiling our new edition of This Week on Media Mornings! The best interviews, headlines & music from the past week’s shows. Listen online now, or download the podcast:

On Vol 2:

  • Interview with Joyce Murray (candidate for Liberal Party of Canada‘s leadership race), on her plan to cooperate with NDP and Greens to defeat Stephen Harper. Under the party’s new Supporter class, non-members can vote for party leader; the deadline to become a Supporter has passed, but members and Supporters must register to vote by March 14.
  • Interview with Alfonso Osorio, Media Mornings Latin America Report host, about the legacy of late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, and Canadian media bias. Interviewed by Derrick O’Keefe & Jahanzeb Hussain.
  • Interview with Marianne Breton Fontaine, student activist in Québec, on the return of student protest under the new PQ premiere Pauline Marois. Interviewed by Jane Bouey.
  • Music by Silvio Rodríguez (“Cita con ángeles”), Desorden Público (“Tierra Tiembla”), Will Eede (“Mapuche”)

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