Media Mornings: Wed, Mar 13 — Joey Hartman (VDLC), Sean Condon (Megaphone), Kim Possible (Kim Villagante)

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Listen to today’s 7-8am broadcast of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm: with co-hosts Jane Bouey and Anushka Nagji.


Empowering Women Through Community Arts - image Community Arts Vancouver
Empowering Women Through Community Arts – image Community Arts Vancouver


  • Interviews:
  • Joey Hartman (VDLC) about $10/day Childcare campaign, report on Guatemalan Indigenous Rights Defender Lolita Chavez, and the Café Etico  evening with representatives of their Guatemalan Coffee Producers. Monday night March 18 at 6:30 pm 206-2747 East Hastings (Café Etico & CoDevelopment Canada offices)
  • Sean Condon of Megaphone on the impact of Harper’s omnibus crime bill  and the implications of being tougher on criminals whose lives are already too tough to handle.


  • QUEBEC: BARRIERE LAKE OPPOSE MINING: Today, the Algonquins of Barriere Lake are re-affirming their opposition to the proposed exploration activities of the junior mining company Copper One (TSX-V: CUO) within their unceded traditional territory. Mining Watch Canada
  • BC: FOREST LAW BACKDOWN: The B.C. government has backed off on a plan to reduce public control over Crown forest land. – Canadian Press
  • CANADA: CANADA-EUROPE FREE TRADE: The heads of business lobby groups are urging the federal government to speed up negotiations on the CETA free trade deal with Europe – reports Canadian Press.
  • BC: MINE WORKER UNION FUNDRAISING: The unions involved in a court case over recruiting workers from China for a northern B.C. mine are seeking donations to help cover costly legal fees. – Carly Rhianna Smith of The Tyee
  • BC: HEALTH WORKERS WARN OF BC LIBERAL PLANS: The Hospital Employees Union says that Premier Christy Clark’s Liberals want to restructure bargaining for the health sector, but without consulting with unions impacted by Bill 18. – HEU
  • CUBA/USA: GUANTANAMO HUNGER STRIKE: Lawyers for Guantanamo Bay inmates say that most of the prisoners are on a hunger strike over their Korans and other personal items being taken away. – RT News
  • UK: ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE FEARS: Antibiotic-resistant superbugs may push medical science back to the 19th century, says Britain’s top health official. – RT News
  • ARGENTINA/UK: FALKLANDS/MALVINAS CONFLICT: Argentina has dismissed the result of the Falkland Islands referendum result as meaningless, reports the Morning Star website. The islands are known as the Malvinas in Latin America. – Morning Star
  • SYRIA: BATTLES RAGE: Syrian rebels are locked in a fierce battle with government troops for parts of the central city of Homs. – BBC
  • TUNISIA: NEW CABINET: Tunisia’s national constituent assembly gave a vote of confidence on Wednesday for a new cabinet headed by Ali Larayedh, a leader of the ruling Islamist Ennahda Party. – RT

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