Media Mornings: Monday, March 18 — Wade Rowland (Saving CBC), Kimberley Yanko (Stop CLBC Cuts), Katie Hyslop (Tyee)

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  • Veteran broadcast journalist and media strategist Wade Rowland (author of Ockham’s Razor and Greed Inc)  argues we have less than two years to find a way to save CBC/Radio-Canada, what he says is the cornerstone of Canadian culture and an institution many regard as the glue that holds the country together. We talk with Wade, about his new book – “Saving the CBC”  


  • TOP STORY: TORIES APPROVED IMMIGRATION RAID FILMING — The CBC reports that the federal government gave approval for a reality TV show to film a controversial immigration raid at a construction site last week, according to documents obtained by a Vancouver woman, Helesia Luke. – CBC
  • BC: GOLD MINE TOXIN CLEANUP — Federal officials are scrambling to clean up an abandoned northern gold mine that could release massive amounts of arsenic, asbestos and other toxins.
    Ben Weber of the Canadian Press
  • BC: UNION DEBATES POLITICAL ACTION — The Tyee’s Katie Hyslop reports that one of British Columbia’s largest unions is debating its stand on political action.
  • COLOMBIA: CANADIAN ARMS EXPORTS — Despite a civil conflict in Colombia going back to the mid-1960s, which has taken the lives of tens of thousands of people, Canada’s federal government is planning to sell military hardware to Colombia. Canadian Press reporter Mike Blanchfield
  • CYPRUS: CONTROVERSIAL FISCAL BAILOUT — The Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus is the latest target of neoliberal economic policies.
    RT News reports

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