Media Mornings: Wed, Mar 20 — Stuart Trew (Council of Canadians), Joey Hartman (VDLC)

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  • News Headlines:
  • Germany’s largest scientific organization has pulled out of joint research with Alberta on better ways to upgrade tar sands bitumen. – Canadian Press

  • A First Nation on British Columbia’s central coast says the federal government is welcome to launch aerial oil spill patrols over its territory. – Canadian Press

  • Meanwhile, Prime Minister Harper has named an envoy to meet with First Nations and the energy and pipeline industry. Vancouver-based lawyer Doug Eyford will submit a preliminary report directly to Harper by the end of June, according to CBC News.

  • The parliament of Cyprus has rejected a controversial levy on bank deposits, proposed as part of a $13 billion bailout package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. No MPs voted for the bill, with 36 voting against and 19 abstaining. – BBC

  • Car bombs and roadside blasts killed at least 56 people across Baghdad yesterday. The Iraqi capital was shaken by at least 16 blasts throughout the morning, most of them car bombs detonated by suicide bombers. RT News 

  • Layoff notices went out on Monday to nearly 250 workers at the most highly contaminated US nuclear site. More than 2,500 others were given temporary layoffs, according to the Morning Star website.

  • Music today included: Mother Mother – Omen, Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind, and songs by Bocephus King, and Po’Girl


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