Media Mornings: Wed, Apr 3 — Joey Hartman (VDLC), Lena Soots (CityStudio)

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Listen to today’s 7-8am broadcast of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm: Host Jane Bouey discusses Harper’s attacks on Unions w Joey Hartman, explores CityStudio w Lena Soots, and Gerald Wilpert (Real News Network) reports on Venezuelan Election.

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  • Leena Soots, CityStudio Coordinator describes this energetic hub of learning and leadership where students design and implement Greenest City 2020 solutions. Engagement Expo Events April 6.


  • VANCOUVER: POLICE INVESTIGATE OFFICER’S PUNCH — News 1130 is reporting that: The West Vancouver Police Department will investigate the circumstances around an arrest in which a Vancouver police officer punched a suspect.

  • ONTARIO: ELECTIONS CANADA CHARGES TORY STAFFER — Global news is reporting that a junior Conservative campaign worker in Guelph, Ont., has been charged under the Elections Act in relation to fraudulent robocalls made during the 2011 election campaign. Elections Canada said in a release Tuesday that Michael Sona, 24, has been “charged with having wilfully prevented or endeavoured to prevent an elector from voting at an election.”

  • DTES: VANDALISM & GENTRIFICATION — A stand against DTES vandalism Some residents and businesses in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside are rallying around victims of vandalism. – Georgia Straight

  • BC: CANADA LINE SETTLES UNPAID MIGRANT WAGES — Canada Line settlement. The case concerns workers from Latin America who, according to a ruling by the B.C Human Rights Tribunal, were discriminated against by SELI Canada and SNC Lavalin. The sum to be awarded is $2.5 million. – Georgia Straight.

  • CANADA: HARPER MUZZLING SCIENTISTS — Harper’s handling of scientists  Canada’s information commissioner will launch an investigation into the Harper government’s alleged muzzling of federally funded scientists. – Georgia Straight

  • BC: DRUG PRICES SLASHED — The provincial government has announced that starting today (April 2), pharmaceutical drugs will cost less in British Columbia. – Georgia Straight

  • CANADA/ALGERIA: CANADIANS LINKED TO GAS FIELD ATTACK — Two deceased Canadians have been implicated in a January 2013 terrorist attack at a gas plant in Algeria. – Georgia Straight

  • USA: EXXON OIL SANDS CRUDE SPILL — Crews continue cleanup work after an oil spill in a residential neighbourhood in central Arkansas that occurred last Friday (March 29). – Georgia Straight

  • NORTH KOREA: UN WARNS ON TENSIONS — The head of the United Nations has weighed in on the ongoing predicament surrounding North Korea, saying that the “crisis has gone too far.” – Georgia Straight

  • USA/CANADA: CP OIL TRAIN DERAILS — From RT News: A Canadian Pacific Railroad train has derailed in Western Minnesota spilling up to 30,000 gallons of crude oil.

  • MADAGASCAR: LOCUST PLAGUE & CROP FEARS — A severe plague of locusts has infested about half of Madagascar, raising concerns of crop shortages. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said that the plant munching insects could cause hunger for 60% of the population. – RT News

  • CYPRUS: BANKS REOPEN — The Central Bank of Cyprus has announced that banks in the country will reopen at midday on Thursday and operate until 6pm local time (from 10:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT). – RT News

  • EU: UNEMPLOYMENT RECORD HIGH — Eurozone unemployment levels have hit 12 percent – the highest in the history of eurozone record-keeping, since the currency was launched in 1999. – RT News

  • UN: GEN ASSEMBLY APPROVES ARMS TRADE PACT — Al Jazeera reports: The 193-nation UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved the first-ever treaty on global arms trade that seeks to regulate the $70bn international trade in conventional arms

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