THIS WEEK ON MEDIA MORNINGS: Vol 6 (April 6) — Marianne Breton Fontaine (Québec protests), Lacy Morin-Desjarlais (Aboriginal child custody), Andreas Krebs (Riotwire)

This Week on Media Mornings is a weekly podcast of our best interviews, headlines & music from the past week’s daily Media Mornings show.

Listen online now, or download the podcast through the links below, to hear this award-winning Canadian and international independent news hour that brings you voices “you’re guaranteed … will never crack the mainstream media” (Georgia Straight).

Featuring interviews by Media Mornings hosts Anushka Nagji, Derrick O’Keefe, Jane Bouey, Irwin Oostindie, David P. Ball, Jahanzeb Hussain, Charlene Sayo, and Maayan Kreitzman.

Vol 6 (April 6):


Anarchopanda, a symbol of Québec’s student protests, was arrested this week in Montréal. Photo: Le Devoir
  • Interview with Québec activist Marianne Breton Fontaine on recent mass arrests in student tuition protests and the crackdown on dissent. Interview by Jane Bouey & Maayan Kreitzman
  • Interview with Lacy Morin-Desjarlais, Saulteaux/Métis student in child and youth care at BC’s Douglas College, on the disproportionate numbers of Aboriginal children in state custody. Interviewed by Irwin Oostindie.
  • Interview with Andreas Krebs, publisher of the new Canadian political satire website, Riotwire
    Interviewed by Derrick O’Keefe.
  • Music: The Arcade Fire (“Suburban War”), Cris Derksen (“Ghost Town of Glass Condos”), Billy Bragg (“There’s Power in the Union”)

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