Media Mornings: Thu, Apr 11 — Todd Russell (NunatuKavut), Syed Hussan (NOII/Justice for Mahjoub), Charlie Smith (Straight)

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Inuit elder Jim Learning was arrested during a Muskrat Falls protest on the Trans-Labrador Highway, and has since been on hunger strike in jail (Photo by Derek Montague/The Labradorian)


  • Excerpt from an interview with Todd Russell, president of the NunatuKavut Community Council (and former Liberal MP), who was arrested by RCMP with seven councillors and elders on April 5, in protest against a hydroelectric dam on their traditional territories. Elder Jim Learning, 74, remains in prison on hunger strike after refusing to sign his undertaking papers, saying they undermine his aboriginal rights.

Listen to the full 12 minute interview with Todd Russell:

  • Interview with Syed Hussan, an organizer with No One Is Illegal Toronto, about his current cross-country tour with Mohammad Mahjoub, who has been under a Canadian security certificate and secret trials for the past 13 years since his arrest post-9/11. Mahjoub and Hussan will speak in Vancouver on Friday (April 12).
  • Media Mornings Latin America Report with Alfonso Osorio delves deeper into news across our hemisphere, including student unrest and the forced closure of Canadian-based Barrick Gold’s mine.
  • Music: Lowkey (“My Soul“), Bruce Springsteen (“Devils & Dust“), Nine Inch Nails (“Hand That Feeds”).


  • TOP STORY: NOVA SCOTIA: RAPE/BULLYING SUICIDE — The “hacktivist” organization Anonymous now says it knows the identities of all four boys involved in the alleged gang rape of Nova Scotia teen Rehtaeh Parsons, who committed suicide after bullying related to photos of the incident, and are threatening to release their names and locations unless the RCMP charges them (National Post).
  • VANCOUVER: REFUGEE HOUSING — In Vancouver, construction of a new $24.7-million centre that will provide temporary shelter to people escaping war, famine and persecution around the world was given the green light this week by Vancouver city council (VancouverSun).
  • VANCOUVER: COPE SEVERS VISION ALLIANCE — An “Independent COPE” slate won six executive seats in the Coalition of Progressive Electors internal elections this week, including former Councillor Tim Louis. The slate opposes alliances with Vision Vancouver, accusing it of being in the pockets of developers who make up some of its top donors (Vancouver Courier, Mainlander).
  • BC: BURNS LAKE POLICE RAID — The community of Burns Lake First Nation is still in shock after up to 50 RCMP officers stormed an occupation of the band office over allegations of financial mismanagement, some with with weapons drawn (APTN).
  • BC: PREMIER CLEARED OF ALLEGATIONS — Premier Christy Clark has been cleared of conflict of interest by an independent reviewer, in connection to the Liberal government’s decision to privatize BC Rail in 2003 (CP).
  • SASKATOON: MARCHERS TO OTTAWA — An Aboriginal group walking from northern Saskatchewan to Ottawa to protest new federal legislation has now passed through Saskatoon. The 3,400-plus kilometre journey is scheduled to conclude June 21 – National Aboriginal Day – in Ottawa. They said the Stephen Harper government’s new laws threaten the environment and disrespect First Nations people (StarPhoenix).
  • US/CANADA: PIPELINES ACCIDENTS — A pair of recent accidents that spilled Canadian crude oil in the United States is part of doing business in the energy industry and should not prevent the Keystone XL pipeline from moving forward, Alberta’s premier said. But health concerns are increasing in the area around the Arkansas accident, but media continue to be banned from the area and Exxon is reportedly enforcing a government-imposed “no fly” zone over the spill, which critics say is muzzling the press from documenting the extent of the disaster (HuffPost, Reuters).
  • US: IMMIGRATION PROTESTS — A bipartisan group of US senators are negotiating a deal on immigration reform in Washington DC, amid large rallies yesterday in the capital Washington DC in support of the millions of illegal immigrants in the country (AlJazeera).
  • CHILE: CANADIAN MINE BANNED — Yesterday, a court in Chile suspended Barrick Gold Corp.’s Pascua-Lama mine after indigenous communities complained that the project is threatening their water supply and polluting glaciers. The appeals court in the northern city of Copiapo charged the Toronto-based gold mining company with “environmental irregularities” during construction of the world’s highest-altitude gold and silver mine (CP).
  • PALESTINE/ISRAEL: JOURNALIST SHOT — A Palestinian journalist is in recovery after being shot by Israeli troops in the face. Mohammad Waleed Al-Azza was struck with a rubber-coated bullet while filming an Israeli military raid on a refugee camp in the West Bank city of Bethlehem (DemocracyNow!).
  • IRELAND: ABORTION INQUIRY — An Indian dentist who died in an Irish hospital after she was refused an abortion had already been told by medical staff during her ordeal that the fetus could not survive, an inquest has heard. Savita Halappanavar died after a consultant told the couple an abortion was not allowed because “this is a Catholic country” (Telegraph).

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