Media Mornings: Tue, Apr 23 — Jenny Kwan (BCNDP), Rueben George (Tseil-Wautuuth)

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Dozens of Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish first nations canoes paddle through what they call the Salish Sea to protest a plan that would bring in more oil tankers to Kinder Morgan storage tanks on Saturday, September 01, 2012. They signed a declaration to affirm they will work together against the pipeline-expansion proposal, brought by Kinder Morgan (Photographed by: Les Bazso, PNG)
  • Interview with Jenny Kwan (MLA, Vancouver-Mount Pleasant; Critic for Jobs, Economic Development and Trade) on the NDP’s new promise to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline, as well as coastal oil tanker traffic, First Nations, and the BC election.
  • Interview with Rueben George (Sundance Chief, Tsleil-Wautuuth First Nation) on the importance of stopping the Kinder Morgan pipeline and reacting to the new NDP stance.
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