Media Mornings: Wed, Apr 24– Colin Redfern (DPAC), Joey Hartman (VDLC), Glen Hansman (BCTF), Pamela Palmater (Ryerson)

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Listen to today’s 7-8am broadcast of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm: Discussion of education funding, anti-homophobia/transphobia education policy, Day of Mourning, and Indidgenous Rights.

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District Parent Advisory Council Banner at Thunderbird Elementary - Vancouver. Photo by Jane Bouey
District Parent Advisory Council Banner at Thunderbird Elementary – Vancouver. Photo by Jane Bouey


  • Glen Hansman (1st VP BC Teachers Federation) on the BC NDP Education announcements – funding and policy re: systemic discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia) and building safer caring inclusive schools.
  • Dr. Pamela Palmater on the struggle for Indigenous Rights and the attacks by the Harper Conservative Government (Sept 10, 2012 Media Mornings interview).


  • TOP STORY: BANGLADESH: FACTORY FIRE — Nearly 100 people were killed and hundreds injured after an eight-story block housing garment factories and a shopping center collapsed on the outskirts of the Bangladeshi capital – Dhaka on Wednesday, officials said. About 2,000 people were in the building when the upper floors crumbled on top of each other, Reuters said, citing local firemen. The factory owners appeared to have ignored a warning not to allow their workers into the building after a crack was discovered in the block on Tuesday, said Mohammad Asaduzzaman, the chief of the area’s police station. – RT news

  • BC: ELECTION ISSUES — Health care, education, and the environment are the top issues for voters in the B.C. election, according to CBC’s Vote Compass political questionnaire and position comparison tool. Since it was launched for the 2013 B.C. provincial election, more than 27,000 responses have been logged. The 27,000 responses show that seniors rate health care as more important than younger voters. The issues also split along gender lines. Women rank health care, education, the environment, social programs and First Nations higher, while men rank budget and taxes as more important issues. – CBC
  • BC: NDP KINDER MORGAN STANCE — B.C. environmental groups are applauding NDP Leader Adrian Dix for stating that he does not support plans by Kinder Morgan to turn Vancouver into “a major oil export port.” – The Tyee

  • BC: SCHOOL CUTS — Nearly $63 million in new costs will be downloaded to B.C. school boards in the coming school year, with no additional funding to cover the costs. That’s according to John Malcolmson, a national researcher for CUPE. The Tyee’s Katie Hyslop says that Malcolmson found that the extra costs include an increase in Medical Services Plan premiums,half of the teachers’ pension plan fees, and BC Hydro fee increases.

  • IRAQ: PROTESTERS KILLED — A wave of clashes between Iraqi security forces and Sunni Muslim protesters has killed over 50 people after the military raided a camp near the city of Kirkuk. – RT News

  • FRANCE: SAME-SEX MARRIAGE — France has become the 14th country to approve a law allowing gay marriage, as well as adoption by same-sex couples. The bill was passed yesterday by 321 votes to 225 in the French parliament, reports the BBC.

  • EGYPT: JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE — Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has pledged to respect the independence of the judiciary. A report in the Morning Star newspaper says that plans by his Islamist allies to purge thousands of judges had sparked an outcry that threatened to spill on to the streets.


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