Media Mornings: Mon, May 6 — Allan Wong (VSB Trustee), Iglika Ivanova (CCPA), Brian Gisel (Vancouver Nighthawks)

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Iglika Ivanova - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Photo - CUPE BC
Iglika Ivanova – Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Photo – CUPE BC


  • News headlines:
  • With just days left before the May 14 provincial election, energy issues remain front and centre. Speaking at a rally in Kitsilano on Saturday, NDP leader Adrian Dix slammed several controversial fossil fuel export proposals. Reporting on the Tyee’s blog, David Ball says that Dix sharpened his opposition to Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion, and called for public hearings on a plan for a major coal terminal in Surrey.

  • Women’s equality is becoming another important issue in the May 14 election. But Tyee correspondent Natascia Lypny says the new initiatives promised by the NDP and the Liberals are quite different.

  • A majority of sexual assault victims have little confidence in the police, the courts or the criminal justice system, according to a new government survey. Alison Auld of the Canadian Press reports that two-thirds of the men and women who took part in the survey had no faith in the process of filing a complaint against their abuser or the prospect of seeing a conviction.

  • More than 600 bodies have been pulled from a Bangladeshi clothing factory that collapsed last week. The BBC says that dozens more bodies were retrieved from the ruined eight-storey Rana Plaza yesterday. A preliminary government investigation says that vibrations from four generators on the upper floors triggered the collapse.

  • Maintenance of the U.S. prison at Guantanamo has been revealed to cost over $150 million each year, making it one of the most expensive prisons in the world. The information comes as the hunger strike continues by over two-thirds of the 160 prisoners at the detention facility, reports RT News.

  • The European Union has admitted that economies will continue to shrink across the eurozone and the wider EU this year. The EU’s spring economic forecast also warned that France, its second-biggest economy, has sunk back into recession. Unemployment has reached 10 per cent in France. In Greece and Spain it is projected to hit a staggering 27 per cent this year. – Morning Star

  • Thousands of protesters have rallied in Tokyo to oppose attempts to change the country’s pacifist constitution. The Morning Star website reports that trade unions, religious groups and political parties took part in a march through the Ginza shopping district.


  • Music this morning included: Class Action – Rise Up, LeE HARVey OsMOND – Cukoo’s Nest, Jill Barber – Hard Line, Alyssa Baker – It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

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