Media Mornings: Wed, May 8 — Joey Hartman (VDLC), Allison Griner (Tyee), Chris Bose (member N’laka’pamux Nation), Jen Moore (Mining Watch)

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Listen to today’s broadcast of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm: we look at mining – the proposed Ajax Mine, NDP vs Liberals, jobs vs environment, Blackfire Exploration in Mexico and role of Harper Conservatives.



  • Host Jane Bouey explores mining: focusing on the Ajax Mine, the Provincial election, jobs vs environment, and role of Harper Conservatives. Interviews with:
  • Joey Hartman (Vancouver and District Labour Council) explores the potential of Green Jobs.
  • Allison Griner of the Tyee talks about the Ajax Mine in Kamloops as an election issue. She describes the community that has raised concerns, and the positions of local NDP and Liberal candidates, and the roles of BC Liberal Environment Minister Terry Lake and Conservative Federal Minister Peter Kent in support of the MIne.
  • Indigenous artist Chris Bose, a member of the N’laka’pamux Nation, gives us his perspective on the mine.
  • Jen Moore of Mining Watch Canada, informs us of revelations (obtained through Access to Information Act) that the Federal Conservative government has used public resources to support a Canadian mining company in Mexico that is accused of connections to the murder of a mining activist and political corruption.
  • We featured a clip from the documentary, “Is this the Future of Kamloops?” A film about the Apex mine, produced by local activists.
  • News Headlines:
  • The British Columbia government’s attack on research into the harmful effects of pharmaceutical drugs was aimed at protecting the profits of donors to the BC Liberal Party, according to court documents filed this week. The Tyee reports that Doctor Bill Warburton, whose contract was terminated last July, filed his notice of claim in B.C. Supreme Court on Monday. The notice of claim names Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid and the province of B.C. as the defendants.  The Tyee also reports MacDiarmid denies the claim.

  • Many BC Liberal supporters are hateful towards gay people, according to a former campaign manager for Liberal cabinet minister Mary Polak. The Tyee’s Doug Ward reports that Todd Hauptman, a gay man, has resigned Polak’s campaign manager in the Langley riding.

  • Russia and the US have announced an international conference on Syria to be called by the end of May.The conference would be a follow-up to the Geneva communique adopted in June 2012, setting out principles for a peace plan for the country. RT News says that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to reporters after a meeting yesterday in Moscow.

  • In a sudden de-escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang has removed two of its ballistic missile units from their launching positions. RT News reports that US officials confirm that two Musudan missiles, capable of hitting targets 2,500 miles away, were moved to a storage facility. The news comes soon after South Korea and US nuclear-powered vessels began a five-day anti-submarine drill in the Yellow Sea.

  • In Saskatchewan, the worst-case scenario for flooding has apparently been avoided. There record snowfall in some areas of the province was absorbed by the ground or evaporated, says Jennifer Graham of the Canadian Press.  Meanwhile. Manitoba farmers who are still suffering the effects of record flooding in 2011 rallied at the legislature yesterday to demand more financial compensation. Almost 2,000 First Nations residents in the area remain evacuated as new homes are sought. –  CP

  • Any day now, billions of cicadas will emerge after 17 years underground and overrun the U.S. East  Coast. Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press says the bugs will outnumber the population from North Carolina to Connecticut by roughly 600-to-1. The noise that male cicadas make when they sing to attract mates has been measured at 94 decibels, so loud that people don’t hear planes flying overhead.

  • Music today included: Coco Love Alcorn – I Got a Bicycle, Sweatshop Union – Nuclear Family, Mother Mother – Dirty Town, Tribe Called Red – Bread and Cheese


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