Media Mornings: Mon, May 13 — Adrienne Montani (First Call), Mable Elmore (NDP), Jane Sterk (Green), Kate Van Meer-Mass

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Listen to today’s broadcast of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm: More Provincial Election coverage – with look at Child Labour in BC.


Child Labour is No Accident Image

  • Interview with NDP Vancouver Kensington incumbant candidate Mable Elmore.

  • Interview with Jane Sterk – Green Party of BC Leader.
  • Please note: Media Mornings made an effort to include guests from all parties in the provincial election during our special election campaign coverage, including several BC Liberals, a BC Conservative, an independent, and more. See our full election coverage to view them all.


  • TOP STORY: OTTAWA: INDIGENOUS YOUTH TREK ARRIVES — Youth4Lakes, a group of walkers from Treaty 3 territories in Manitoba and northern Ontario, have arrived in the Ottawa area this morning. About a dozen Indigenous youth 13-36 embarked the 2,100 kilometre walk from Winnipeg on March 28, walking to Parliament Hill. They have been speaking against C-45, the legislation passed by the Harper government that severely reduces the protection of lakes and rivers across the country.The walkers, joined by hundreds of supporters, will be arriving at Parliament Hill at 2 pm Eastern. It will be livestreamed and archived at
  • BC ELECTION: STUDENTS HOLD MOCK VOTE — The B.C election is tomorrow, but one vote is taking place today across the province. The Tyee reports that more than 100,000 students from Grade 1 to 12 will cast fake ballots as part of the Student Vote program. The results will be revealed after the official election results are in on Tuesday.

  • BC: ST’AT’IMC BLOCKADE THREAT — The St’at’imc Chiefs Council is threatening to block a highway and rail line over trespasses on its traditional territory in southwestern BC. The tactic is intended to “embarrass” private companies and the next provincial government, reports The Province newspaper.

  • NOVA SCOTIA: LEGISLATURE FISTICUFFS — If you think politics gets serious here on the west coast, listen to this news from Nova Scotia. New Democrat MLA Percy Paris has resigned from cabinet after a scuffle in the men’s bathroom at the provincial legislature, reportedly over allegations of racist attitudes of another MLA. – CBC

  • PAKISTAN: NEW GOVERNMENT ELECTED — In Pakistan, the BBC reports that ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been holding talks on forming a government, after claiming victory in parliamentary elections.

  • BANGLADESH: FACTORY WAGES — Doubling the pay of Bangladesh’s garment workers would add just a few pennies to the cost of a t-shirt, according to a report on CNN.

  • SPAIN: TEACHERS STRIKE — Thousands of teachers and students have taken to the streets across Spain to protest spending cuts to the country’s public education system. – Al Jazeera

  • VENEZUELA: NEW LABOUR LAW — Venezuela’s new Labour Law for Workers (Lottt) has come into effect, guaranteeing shorter working hours, longer maternity leave and pensions for all Venezuelans. venezuelanalysis

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