Media Mornings: Wed, May 29 — Steven Beck (BEST), Joey Hartman (VDLC), Michael Parenti

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  • New headlines:
  • Treasury Board President Tony Clement says federal public employees must shape up — or get fired, according to Toronto Star journalist Richard  Brennan. Plus file from Globe and Mail.

  • The federal privacy commissioner says two government departments went too far in monitoring a First Nations children’s advocate and her personal Facebook page. The Canadian Press and Tyee report that Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart is looking into a complaint from activist Cindy Blackstock, executive director of an organization fighting the federal government in court over cuts to First Nations child welfare programs.

  • Senator Mike Duffy faces new accusations of ripping off Canadian taxpayers. Senate officials have found a pattern of Duffy claiming Ottawa living expenses while travelling elsewhere, including several days in 2011 when he was campaigning across the country for the Conservatives.- CP

  • More than 100 Walmart workers walked off the job yesterday in what union organizers promise is the beginning of a series of “prolonged strikes” protesting the way the corporation treats its employees. – Washington Examiner and RT News

  • RT News reports that a suspected US drone has crashed in the southern Lower Shebelle region of Somalia, amid reports that it may have been shot down by militants.

  • A cargo train carrying chemicals in the state of Maryland has hit a truck and derailed, causing a blast felt a kilometer away. The train derailed shortly after 2 pm near Baltimore, sending a thick plume of dark smoke from the wreckage. It was the third major rail crash in the US in the past two weeks. – BBC

  • Buddhist mobs burned Muslim homes on Wednesday for a second day in the northern Myanmar city of Lashio. Young men and boys on motorbikes and on foot were marauding through the city of 130,000 people in a region about 700km from the capital, Yangon, Reuters said. A mosque, a Muslim religious school and a number of shops were gutted by fires started on Tuesday by Buddhists. They reportedly rampaged after hearing reports of a Muslim man setting a Buddhist woman on fire and badly wounding her. State media said calm had returned by Wednesday. – RT 
  • Music today included: Melissa Auf Der Maur – Isis Speaks, Coco Love Alcorn – BRC, CR Avery Band – Commercial Drive, Tori Amos – Smells Like Teen Spirit


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