Media Mornings: Mon, Jun 3 — Stuart Trew (Council of Canadians), Erin Weir (USW)

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  • It has been revealed that Federal Funding for a hydro project in Newfoundland and Labrador was tied to the province removing minimum processing rules in the fisheries. What other provinces are being bullied by the Harper Conservatives,into accepting unfavourable conditions in the Canada-European Union trade deal? We discuss this with the trade campaigner for the Council of CanadiansStuart Trew. 
  • StatsCan’s latest data on Employment Insurance recipients indicates Canada’s federal government is growing stingier with EI benefits. There were 6,800 more applications for EI in March than there were in February, but the number of people receiving benefits fell by 5,200, StatsCan data shows. What is going on? We discuss the issue with Erin Weir of the United Steel Workers.

  • News Headlines :
  • Over 100 people gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery to take part in the 3rd annual Slut Walk yesterday afternoon – to protest sexual violence. Organizer Caitlin MacDonald says the event is aimed at dispelling the myth that women get assaulted because of what they wear, what they say, or what they do. – Files from CKNW and News 1130

  • The brutal suppression of a peaceful environmental sit-in in Istanbul ignited  massive nationwide  protests against the Turkish government. – RT News

  • A group of voters who sought to overturn election results in six federal ridings because of misleading robocalls won’t take their case to the Supreme Court, according to a Canadian Press report.

  • The extent of First Nations unrest this summer depends on whether Stephen Harper takes action to entrench treaty rights, says Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo. Interviewed by Heather Scoffield of the Canadian Press, Atleo warned that “Business as usual just causes ongoing conflict. Expressions of good faith — and implementation of the commitments from last January — are what is required.”

  • Dr. Henry Morgentaler fought successfully for a woman’s legal right to an abortion, but barriers to abortion remain in some rural areas, and especially in Atlantic Canada, says the CBC

  • Israeli Air Force fighter jets entered Lebanon’s airspace yesterday and buzzed the skies above some cities, including the capital, Beirut. – RT 

  • Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court has ruled invalid the law according to which the upper house of parliament, or Shura Council, and the Constitutional Panel were elected. – RT

  • At least 14 people including two children have been killed by new tornadoes and severe storms in the US Midwest, according to officials cited by Agence France Presse. – RT

  • Protesters have lifted their blockade of a Canadian gold mine in eastern Kyrgyzstan, but their supporters in the south are continuing their siege of a local governor’s headquarters, officials said Saturday. – Toronto Star

  • Meanwhile the situation around another Canadian mining corporation –   Vancouver  Based, Eldorado Golds mining projects in northern Greece – is extremely tense.  A delegation from the affected area has come to ask Canadians for help, after getting nowhere with the company and government officials in Greece. Mining Watch Canada




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