Media Mornings: Mon, Jun 10 — Michael Parenti

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  • Today’s top news headlines from across Canada and around the world.

Listen to Parenti interview segment:

  • Announcement: RALLY AND MARCH TO STOP DISPLACEMENT IN THE DOWNTOWN EASTSIDE — TUESDAY, JUNE 11  1 pm Meet at corner of Main & Hastings for a march on Hastings


  • TOP STORY: BC: TASER DEATH RCMP PERJURY TRIAL — An RCMP officer involved in the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski stands trial today on charges of perjury. James Keller of the Canadian Press reports that the charges are related to a public inquiry into the case.
  • QUEBEC: SOCCER TURBAN BAN — The Canadian Soccer Association says a provincial association has no right to ban turban-wearing children from playing.The Globe and Mail says the CSA is wading into a controversy over the Quebec Soccer Federation’s decision to bar turban-wearing Sikhs from games.
  • CANADA: SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVEY — Results of an anonymous survey to be released next fall will shed more light on military sexual assault in Canada, including the extent of male-on-male rape in the armed forces. Almost 68,000 troops, 86 per cent of them men, were asked last August to voluntarily complete the Canadian Forces Workplace Harassment Survey. – CP
  • CANADA: CANADA-EU TRADE DEAL — The Prime Minister’s Office is playing down rumors that Canada and the European Union will sign a so-called free-trade deal while Stephen Harper is in Europe this week for the G8 summit. Steve Rennie of the Canadian Press reports that the prime minister’s spokesperson, Andrew MacDougall, says the two sides are down to a few outstanding issues.
  • N/S KOREA: HIGH-LEVEL MEETING — Officials from North and South Korea have agreed to hold the first high-level meeting since 2007, the South Korean Yonhap news agency says. Preliminary discussions have been taking place aimed at rebuilding trust between the two Koreas. The official talks are due to take place in Seoul on Wednesday and Thursday, Yonhap adds. The meeting comes after months of rising tension between both sides. – BBC
  • TURKEY: PM CRITICIZES DEMOS — Police again deployed tear gas and water cannons yesterday against thousands of protestersin downtown Ankara. RT News says that just a few kilometers away, the Turkish Prime Minster was addressing supporters after warning that his patience with the demos “has a limit”.
  • AFGHANISTAN: PRISONERS OF WAR — Afghan President Hamid Karzai has given Britain two weeks to hand over more than 80 prisoners of war held in a British base in Helmand province. The UK Morning Star reports that Karzai said the detention breached Afghan law and violated his country’s sovereignty.

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