Media Mornings: Wed, Jun 12 — Kennedy Stewart (NDP MP), Maryam Adrangi (Council of Canadians), Joey Hartman (VDLC)

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Bear Wolf Defender - graphic - Art by ZigZag
Discussion with Maryam Adrangi about fracking, Rising Tides tour, and Indigenous resistance.
Bear Wolf Defender – graphic – Art by ZigZag
  • Kennedy Stewart, NDP MP Burnaby-Douglas talks with host Jane Bouey about his e-petition private members bill (M428), launch of, a new website that features a campaign video and e-petition, and strategies to increase democratic participation.

  • Maryam Adrangi, Climate and Energy Campaigner – Council of Canadians  discusses the Rising Tide tour, fracking, LNG expansion and Indigenous resistance. 

  • Joey Hartman, President of the Vancouver and District Labour Council explores business unionism versus social unionism. Plus updates on Ikea and North Shore Winter Club lockouts –  calls for support on picket lines.
  • News headlines:
  • Alberta’s energy industry has found that cleaning up tar sands tailings is much harder than it thought. Ben Weber of the Canadian Press reports that Alberta’s energy regulator says that all  tar sands companies affected by tailings reduction rules missed legally binding targets — some by wide margins.

  • British Columbia is losing revenue by charging large companies too little for the water that they use, including the natural gas industry. That’s according to a new report by the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). – The Tyee

  • One of the BC Liberal’s first actions after being re-elected last month was to raise the pay for political staff, says the New Democratic Party’s John Horgan. The Tyee’s Legislative Bureau Chief Andrew MacLeod reports that on June 3, a cabinet order raised the maximum pay for the premier’s chief of staff from $195,148 to $230,000

  • Clashes between Turkish police and protesters have continued in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, despite a warning from Prime Minister Erdogan that he would not show “any more tolerance”. Police firing tear gas cleared the square yesterday morning, but protesters returned later in the day. – BBC

  • Employees of Greece’s state TV and Radio Corporation – ERT – have seized  the headquarters in Athens following government plans to suspend it under pressure from austerity cuts. – RT

  • South African lawyers asked prosecutors yesterday to arrest US President Barack Obama on genocide charges when he visits the country later this month. The Morning Star reports that the Muslim Lawyers Association argue that South Africa is entitled to probe war crimes under the International Criminal Court’s 2002 Rome statute.

  • Russian MPs have passed a law banning “homosexual propaganda” by 436 to 0, with just one abstention on the bill. -Morning Star


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