Media Mornings: Mon, Jun 24 — Naveen Mehta (UFCW), Katie Hyslop (The Tyee), Matthew Bissett (Public Dreams)

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Listen to today’s 7-8am broadcast of Media Mornings on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm: Host Jane Bouey explores the connection between death threats in Guatemala and the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, an Aboriginal scholars summer camp, plus the Illuminares Lantern Festival.

Emerging Aboriginal Scholars alumna Shaniece Angus stands with Melania Alvarez, from the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, outside Britannia Secondary School. Photo by Katie Hyslop - the Tyee
Emerging Aboriginal Scholars alumna Shaniece Angus stands with Melania Alvarez, from the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, outside Britannia Secondary School. Photo by Katie Hyslop – the Tyee
  • A former Temporary Foreign Worker, who was deported back to Guatamala after raising the alarm about a fellow worker being beaten by his employer, is facing death threats at home. We will talk with the Naveen Mehta, Director of Human Rights for UFCW- Canada about the case of José Sicajau Xoc, and the fight for justice for Temporary Foreign Workers. Click here for Urgent Mobilization

  • We’ll also chat with the Tyee’s Katie Hyslop about an ‘Inspiring’ Summer Camp for Aboriginal Scholars. How does a special UBC program supports the next generation of physicists, foresters, nurses and more? Info about and registration for the camps

  •  Matthew Bissett,  the Artistic Director for Public Dreams, joins us to tell us why this year’s Illuminares Lantern Festival, the 25th, will be the last Illuminares produced by Public Dreams.

  • New Headlines:
  • About 65,000 residents forced from their houses in the Calgary flooding began going home yesterday – reports the Calgary Herald. Three days after the flood forced 100,000 Calgarians from their homes, mandatory evacuation notices have been lifted for a large swath of the city.

  • Less widely reported, flooding of First Nations communities. About one thousand people on the Siksika First Nation, east of Calgary, have been evacuated. A state of emergency for the area was declared Thursday night. Residents were prepared for some flooding but were overwhelmed by the disaster. – CTV

  • The equity offer from Northern Gateway to aboriginal groups along the route of a controversial oil pipeline would amount to as little as $70,000 a year for some bands, according to one base offer obtained by The Canadian Press.

  • The 2012-2013 annual report from B.C.’s Ombudsperson Kim Carter says that the largest number of complaints  about the provincial government involve the Ministry of Social Development, which deals with income and disability assistance.  The Tyee says that nearly 20 per cent of the files the Ombudsperson’s office opened in the last year involved the social development ministry.

  • Powell Street, which serves about 30,000 cars a day, is now closed (for the next year) from Clark Drive to Hawks Avenue to allow for construction of a rail overpass that will eventually improve traffic flow. Ian Austin of the Province newspaper says that city officials won’t endorse any particular route, for fear of traffic chaos on any recommended alternative.

  • Nelson Mandela has become critically ill in hospital, the South African presidency has announced. President Jacob Zuma has visited Mandela and spoken to his wife and medical teams. Doctors were “doing everything possible to get his condition to improve” said a statement from Zuma, according to the BBC.

  • Edward Snowden, the former US intelligence contractor who leaked classified documents revealing US internet and phone surveillance, has asked Ecuador for asylum. The request was confirmed by Ecuador’s foreign minister on Twitter. Reports from several media sources, including BBC say Snowden flew out of Hong Kong on Sunday morning and is currently in Moscow.

  • More than a quarter of a million Brazilians marched through the streets of more than 100 cities yesterday. RT News reports that the protests came as a new poll showed that 75 percent of citizens support the demonstrations.

  • Boko Haram fighters have forced thousands of people out of villages in Nigeria’s north-east, refugees reported on the weekend.The Islamist fighters have resumed operations following a month-long military crackdown, according to a report on the Morning Star website.

  • Gay Star News reports that a study has found that LGBT people make up 29% of the homeless population in San Francisco despite making up only 15.4 % of the general population in the city.

  • Music today included: The Fits – featuring Veda Hille & Patsy Klein (in concert at Wise Hall Fri June 28)

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