Media Mornings: Wed, Jul 10 — Joey Hartman (VDLC), Patti Bacchus (VSB), Bob Mackin (Tyee)

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Detroit, Michigan - Auto workers at the Labor Day parade call for an end to two-tier contracts which pay new workers about half the wage that veteran workers get. photo -
Detroit, Michigan – Auto workers at the Labor Day parade call for an end to two-tier contracts which pay new workers about half the wage that veteran workers get. photo –
  • Discussion with Vancouver and District Labour Council President – Joey Hartman – about two-tier labour agreements. We chat about what they are and their impact upon working people. Plus reminder to support picket lines of locked out workers at Richmond Ikea (Boycott Ikea) and the North Shore Winter Club.
  • .We discuss the idea of a 10 year contract with Teachers with Vancouver School Board Chair – Patti Bacchus. Plus Canadian School Board Association conference, and role of BC School Trustees.
  • Investigative journalist – Bob Mackin looks at the legacy of the 2010 Vancouver Whistler Winter Olympics. Tyee article , Bob’s book – Red Mittens Red Ink
  • News Headlines
  • On the eve of the Westside-Kelowna byelection, the NDP is accusing the B.C. Liberal government of putting politics ahead of patient safety in the case of a popular smoking cessation drug. The NDP used question period in the legislature to suggest that the government ordered an end to independent research into the efficacy and safety of Champix, which is currently covered under Pharmacare. – CBC
  • In the wake of the weekend tragedy in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, questions are being asked whether cuts to railway regulation and safety inspections contributed to the accident. Rail transport of oil has increased a startling 28,000 per cent since 2009, while the Harper government has cut the safety budget for railroads from $37 million in 2012-13 to $34 million in 2013-14, a drop of $3 million. – Tyee
  • Premier Christy Clark is busy with her byelection campaign in the riding of Kelowna-Westside, as she attempts to gain a seat in the Legislature. Now, her Liberal government has been accused of cutbacks which may negatively impact young people in the area. – CUPE
  • The lawyer for one of two Surrey residents accused of planning to bomb the legislature on Canada Day says the case has elements of entrapment, according to a news story from the CBC.
  • Samples taken at a site where chemical weapons were allegedly used indicate that Syrian rebels were behind the attack, Russia’s UN envoy Vladimir Churkin has said. Russia has handed over the analyzed samples to the UN, according to RT News.
  • Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has rejected a new timetable for amending the Islamist-drafted constitution and holding elections. The country’s interim leaders, installed by the military after it ousted President Mohammed Morsi, plan to hold a vote next year. The Morning Star reports Islamist forces have vowed to reinstate Morsi, and to block a new political system.

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