Media Mornings: Thu, Aug 1— Charlie Smith, Kate Reid

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Kate Reid
Kate Reid
  • Feature Interview with singer-songwriter, educator-activist Kate Reid about her new album Queer Across Canada
  • Charlie Smith (Georgia Straight) on various issues re: Pride Week
  • Today’s top news headlines:
  • Poverty results in shorter lives, according to a new report by the Canadian Medical Association.Tyee contributor Crawford Kilian says the report is based on a series of “town hall meetings” held across the country. CMA President Dr. Anna Reid summarized that poverty is the most important issue affecting health, from early childhood to death.

  • Aboriginal Canadians were used as medical test subjects during the 19940s and 1950s, says the chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In an interview with CBC Radio’s All Points West on Tuesday, Justice Murray Sinclair told host Jo-Ann Roberts that commission staff has “seen the documents that relate to the experiments that were conducted in residential schools.”

  • Witnesses keep coming forward to the police killing last Saturday morning of 18 year-old Sammy Yatim in Toronto. The teenager was tasered and shot by police on an empty streetcar, after earlier pulling out a small knife and threatening passengers. – Vice

  • New revelations about National Security Agency surveillance systems show that employees simply had to fill in a short ‘justification’ form to gain access to billions of emails, online chats, or site visit histories through a vast program called XKeyscore. – RT

  • A rise in sea levels has already sealed the fate of at least 316 American cities, including Miami and Jacksonville, a new scientific study says. But if global warming keeps up its current rate, the number of towns and cities doomed by water could easily go up to 1,400 by the end of the century. – Star

  • Thousands of supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and are continuing their sit-ins in the capital, Cairo. The country’s interim leaders have ordered police to end ongoing protests at two sites in the city, reports the BBC.

  • UN’s new video message re: LGBTQ rights

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