Media Mornings: Mon, Sep 2 — Jerry Dias – Creation of a New Union, Vijay Prashad – Syria, Las Cafeteras

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Jerry Dias – President Unifor


  • Today’s show – clips from Jerry Dias’ inaugural speech as President of the new union – Unifor
  • Plus interview – Vijay Prashad on Syria –  by The Real News Network
  • News Headlines:
  • Katie Hyslop of the Tyee reports that Simon Fraser University students and faculty complain that leaky pipes, mould infested classrooms and offices, crumbling stairs, and cracking foundations can be found at the 48 year old campus, which is B.C.’s second largest post-secondary institution.

  • Trade union members and their allies across Canada are marking the Labour Day holiday with dozens of marches, picnics and other solidarity events. Here in Vancouver, the Labour Council and the BC Federation of Labour will host thousands of union members and friends at a picnic in Trout Lake Park from noon until 3 pm today.

  • In South Africa,  thousands of workers in the mining, metal and textile sectors are taking strike action to demand wage increases above the 5.6 percent inflation rate. – Industriall

  • Rallies across Canada over the weekend spoke out against plans by the U.S. to launch military strikes against Syria. – Toronto Star

  • In another development, French President Francois Hollande now says he will wait for a parliamentary vote before committing France to a military attack on Syria. – RT

  • Leading journalist Robert Fisk writes, in the Independent ,that the Cruise missiles targeting Syria are intended to harm Iran, which has been a key ally of the Assad government.

  • Music today included: Las Cafeteras with Trabajador Trabajadoros , plus songs from Cape Breton University’s album: Cape Breton Protest Songs – Stand-up for Justice (Ken Chisholm), Picket LIne (Victor Tomiczek)


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