Media Mornings: Wed, Sep 4 — Public Education in BC – Patti Bacchus (Vancouver School Board), Glen Hansman (BC Teachers)

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Invest in children Now. Banner at Thunderbird Elementary School - Vancouver. Photo - Jane Bouey
Invest in children Now. Banner at Thunderbird Elementary School – Vancouver. Photo – Jane Bouey
  • Today’s Headlines:
  • Pivot Legal Society will be holding a press conference this morning, September 4th, at 10am, to announce that it has secured 10 warrants for the arrest of George Wolsey. The notorious landlord currently owes a total of $18,163.75 to 10 different residents of the Wonder Rooms SRO.  Wolsey’s former tenants, who endured rampant infestations, serious risks to health and safety and unliveable conditions, were awarded damages by the Residential Tenancy Branch this spring. Throughout the dispute process, Wolsey has failed to appear at court dates, has refused service of documents, and has made no effort to pay the outstanding debts. – Pivot Legal
  • Rallies in solidarity with the LGBTQ communities in Russia were held around the world yesterday. Here in Vancouver a couple of hundred people gathered at the Russian Consulate last evening speaking out against Russia’s anti-gay law two days ahead of the start of the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg.  Earlier this summer, Russia passed a law that prohibits the spread of “propaganda of non traditional sexual relations” to minors. – CKNW

  • Canada’s housing market is “especially vulnerable” to a major correction, The Economist magazine says in a roundup of global real estate. Huffington Post Canada

  • A series of earthquakes struck off British Columbia’s coast yesterday, but they weren’t large enough to cause damage or tsunami warnings, says a Canadian Press report. – Huffington Post Canada

  • TransLink’s new Compass Card system, originally expected to be operational by this fall, won’t be ready until next year. – CBC

  • The BBC reports that key US Republican leaders have voiced their support for military action, making it more likely that Congress will vote in favour of an attack when it meets  next week. – United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said yesterday that the organisation’s charter permitted military action only in self defence or with the agreement of the Security Council. -The Syrian government has blamed rebel forces backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.S. for the August 21st attack. – UN refugee agency says that more than two million Syrians are now registered as refugees, up by a million in the past six months.- BBC

  • RT News says that Japan will spend $473 million to contain leaks of radioactive water from the disaster-struck Fukushima nuclear plant. – RT
  • A military court in Egypt has given lengthy prison sentences to a number of supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, after convicting them of attacking the army. – BBC

  • The Real News Network interview with Phyllis Bennis on Syria

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