THIS WEEK ON MEDIA MORNINGS: Reconciliation Radio Special—Robert Joseph, Khelsilem Rivers, Dian Million

This Week on Media Mornings is a weekly independent Canadian and global news hour, featuring the top headlines and commentators from the past week. We bring you news you won’t hear anywhere else — a grassroots view on the week’s top global and national affairs.

Hundreds gathered around False Creek Tuesday to witness a flotilla of ocean-going canoes paddled by aboriginal youth and non-aboriginal supporters. (PHOTO DAVID P. BALL/ 24 HOURS)

In this week’s two-part special Reconciliation Radio podcast, we present voices breaking down and raising up the need for genuine reconciliation for survivors of Canada’s colonial residential school program.

As the City of Vancouver marks Reconciliation Week, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hears testimony from some of the 150,000 aboriginal residential school students, we delve deeper into the ongoing legacy and impacts of what many call an attempt at genocide, and highlight voices of resistance.

  • 03:30 — This week’s top news headlines from across Canada and around the world. Produced & hosted by David P. Ball.
  • 16:45 — Interview with Chief Robert Joseph, founder of Reconciliation Canada, organizers of a week of events surrounding the TRC hearings. Interviewed Sept. 12 by David P. Ball.
  • 28:20 — Interview with Khelsilem Rivers, a Squamish & Kwakwaka’wakw community organizer and language preservation activist. Interviewed on Sept 17 by Irwin Oostindie.

  • 45:00 — Interview with Dian Million (Athabascan), an Indigenous feminist scholar, and associate professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Washington. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, and author of Therapeutic Nations: Healing in an Age of Indigenous Human Rights. Interviewed Sept 16 by Irwin Oostindie.

  • Music: Keith Secola (“Say Your Name”), Buffy Ste Marie (“Cho Cho Fire”), Tru Rez Cru (“Endless Tearz”).

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