Media Mornings: Mon, Sep 23 — Bill Pegler (CUPE) + Reconciliation Week voices – Bernice King, Chief Robert Joseph

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Reconciliation Walk from the air, September 22, 2013. Photo – @bensimons28
  • Reconciliation Week coverage continues with clips from the Reconciliation Walk, including speeches of Bernice King (daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King) and Chief Robert Joseph.
  • Bill Pegler (K-12 Coordinator CUPE) updates us on news that possible strike has been averted with the signing of a tentative agreement. Calls on public pressure to insist that Province fully fund the costs of the agreement.
  • News Headlines:

  • Armed men belonging to the Somali group had stormed the Westgate shopping centre on Sunday using grenades and assault rifles. The attack left at least 68 people dead and more than 150 wounded, according to the Red Cross. – Al Jazeera
  • CN Rail is considering shipping Alberta bitumen across BC by rail in quantities matching the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. – CBC
  • The NDP leadership race is starting to heat up, just days after Adrian Dix announced that he will step down. – Tyee
  • There are renewed calls for more public accountability at TransLink. The transit authority should be answerable to the public through elected officials, Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan told the Georgia Straight on the weekend.
  • Iranian human rights activists have welcomed the decision to free eleven prominent political prisoners. The Morning Star reports that human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, plus another seven women, and three men have been released.
  • Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has called for a global boycott of Chevron over its refusal to pay up on a $25 billion legal judgement for contaminating the Amazon River. – Morning Star
  • The US is trying to blackmail Russia into approving a UN resolution that would allow for military intervention in Syria, according to RT News.
  • Street protests are growing in Romania against a Canadian-led gold mining project, reports the UK Guardian newspaper.

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