THIS WEEK ON MEDIA MORNINGS: Oct 5—John Greyson & Tarek Loubani released—Maude Barlow on PowerShift & Blue Future—191 migrants on detention strike

This Week on Media Mornings is a weekly independent Canadian and global news hour, featuring the top headlines and commentators from the past week. We bring you news you won’t hear anywhere else — a grassroots view on the week’s top global and national affairs.

John Greyson and Tarek Loubani, released this weekend from detention in Egypt.
  • 03:30  This week’s top news headlines from across Canada and around the world. Produced & hosted by David P. Ball.
  • 32:30 — Interview with Cecilia Greyson, just prior to the release from Egyptian detention of her brother Toronto film maker John Greyson and London Ontario emergency room physician Tarek Loubani. They were arrested on Aug. 16 and released this weekend following an international campaign and earlier hunger strike. Interviewed Sept. 24 by Irwin Oostindie.
  • 41:45 — Interview with Emelina Ramos (Fuerza/Puwersa, Guelph), Syed Hussan (No One Is Illegal Toronto), and Erik Kousi (inmate, Lindsay Corrections Centre). Interviewed Sept. 26 by David P. Ball.
  • Music: Ta’kaiya Blaney (“Shallow Waters”), Kinnie Starr (“Who Will Save Our Waters?”), Lal (“Belong”, album “Deportation”).

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