Media Mornings: Wed, Oct 9 — Corporations in Our Heads – David Diamond (Theatre for the Living), Unfairness at the Residential Tenancy Branch? – Jess Hadley (Community Legal Assistance Society), Why Picket Lines? – Joey Hartman (VDLC)

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  • David Diamond – Artistic and Managing Director/Joker for Theatre for the Living discusses new touring project “Corporations in Our Heads” Kick-off – Oct 11,12 Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (800 E. Broadway, Vancouver, BC)
  • News Headlines:
  • In national news, the RCMP believes that Mike Duffy defrauded the Senate of $65,000. Crawford Kilian of the Tyee reports that an affidavit filed by the RCMP in Ontario Superior Court seeks access to Duffy’s bank files.
  • The Nova Scotia Liberals have won a majority government, ousting NDP Premier Darrell Dexter from power. Most NDP cabinet ministers lost their seats in the election yesterday, and Dexter was defeated in his Halifax area riding. –
  • The Vancouver Sun reported yesterday that a mysterious disease is killing sun stars on the ocean floor off local shores. On the other side of the continent, a viral epidemic has been killing off mid-Atlantic bottlenose dolphins for over three months, with no slow down in sight. According to the TerraMar Project website, over 600 dolphins have died, the worse such occurence since 1988.
  • If you have overdue library books lying around, here’s some good news. The Vancouver public library will waive late return fines for anyone bringing back overdue items between October 21st and  27th. – CBC
  • At least nine people have been killed in a fire at a clothing factory near the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, emergency officials say. The BBC reports that about 50 people were hurt in the fire, which broke out late on Tuesday, and that the number of people killed could rise.
  • About a half of the global population could be facing water shortages by 2030, when demand may exceed water supply by 40 percent, says United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. – RT News
  • World Bank officials say that the Palestinians could expand their struggling economy by a third and slash their budget deficit in half if Israel allowed them to use the West Bank territory that it controls. – Morning Star
  • The UK and Iran have decided to appoint non-residential diplomats to build ties, a move which could ultimately lead to the reopening of their embassies.
  • RT News reports that Italian divers have recovered more bodies from the wreck of a migrants’ ship that sank off the island of Lampedusa, raising the death toll to 250.

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