DEMOCRACY NORTH: Oct 13—Neo-Nazis attack anti-racist home—Miley, Sinead & pop culture ‘pornification’—Theatre for Living

Democracy North (This Week on Media Mornings) is a weekly independent Canadian and global news hour, featuring the top headlines and commentators from the past week. We bring you news you won’t hear anywhere else — a grassroots view on the week’s top global and national affairs.

“A New Look at Calgary’s Neo-Nazi Movement” photo by Brett Gundlock/VICE
  • 03:20 This week’s top news headlines from across Canada and around the world. Produced & hosted by David P. Ball.
  • 15:45 — Interview with Jason Devine (Anti-Racist Action Calgary) on the latest attack on his family home by neo-Nazis. Interviewed Oct. 10 by David P. Ball.
  • 31:45 — Interview with Meghan Murphy (founder/publisher, Feminist Current), on Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Connor and the “pornification” of popular culture. Interviewed Oct. 8 by Irwin Oostindie.
  • 46:20 — Interview with David Diamond (artistic director, Theatre for Living), on how theatre can help people question the corporate messages we receive. Interviewed Oct. 9 by Jane Bouey.
  • Music: Billy the Kid (“Just Trying to Get By”), Zaki Ibrahim (“The Brave Ones”), Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’Connor (“Nothing Compares To Wrecking Ball”, mashup by Robin Skouteris).

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