DEMOCRACY NORTH: Nov 16—Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafonde—Davyn Calfchild’s Remembrance Day arrest—APTN founder—Terrorism list

DEMOCRACYNORTH.NET  »  Democracy North (formerly This Week on Media Mornings) is a weekly independent Canadian and global news hour, featuring the week’s top grassroots headlines and commentators reported daily by our team of journalists.

Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafond, the B.C. Representative for Children and Families. Photo: Darren Stone/Times-Colonist
  • 04:00 — This week’s top Canadian & global news headlines.
  • 17:15 — Interview with Davyn Calfchild, a Sisika Nation of the Blackfoot Confederacy war veteran arrested by Toronto Police for carrying his nation’s flags to the Remembrance Day ceremony. Interviewed Nov. 12 by Irwin Oostindie.
  • 28:00 — Interview with Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafonde (BC Representative for Children and Youth) on her scathing report on how the child welfare system is failing Aboriginal youth and families. Interviewed Nov. 7 by David P. Ball.
  • 40:45 — Interview with Aiyanas Ormond (organizer, Red Sparks Union), on scrapping the terrorist list and the criminalization of dissent from the War on Terror. Interviewed Nov. 14 by David P. Ball.
  • 47:45 — Interview with Jennifer David (co-founder, Aboriginal People’s Television Network) on Media Democracy Days and the importance of Indigenous-created media. Interviewed Nov. 8 by Jahanzeb Hussain and Derrick O’Keefe.
  • Music: Ostwelve (“Not Your Enemy” Bymski remix), Ras Haile X (“Power to the People”), Sisters of Mercy (“Temple of Love”).

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