Media Mornings: Wed, Nov 20—Anita Dawson (Ikea Boycott)—Alfonso Osorio (Chilean Elections)—Joey Hartman (SFU Morgan Centre for Labour Studies)

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boycott ikea
  • We discuss this past Sunday’s elections in Chile with Media Morning’s Alfonso Osorio.  The centre-left candidate, Michelle Bachelet won nearly twice as many votes as her closest rival, Evelyn Matthei, of the governing rightwingAlliance for Chile. Bachelet, Chile’s president from 2006 to 2010, will have to go through a second-round runoff in December but is expected to win. Meanwhile, a new generation of student leaders – most notably, 25-year-old Camila Vallejo, who helped lead Chile’s student uprising in 2011 – has been elected to Congress as part of Bachelet’s coalition. It is this younger generation that is set to radically transform the direction of the country. In doing so, they’re breaking apart the dominant myths concerning the relation between politics and economics in the region – and in the world at large. – Guardian 
  • News Headlines:
  • New revelations from Wikileaks show that Canadians should be concerned about the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, a secretive trade deal among Pacific Rim countries. Participating countries have refused to release the working text of the deal which addresses everything from agriculture to copyright. Reporting in The Tyee online, Michael Geist says that Wikileaks has released a version of the intellectual property chapter of the deal. – The Tyee
  • Christie Clark’s Liberal government tried to push BC teachers into a strike during the 2011-2012 school year, according to the lawyer for the BC Teachers’ Federation. Tyee education reporter Katie Hyslop says the BCTF made the allegation in BC Supreme Court this week. – The Tyee
  • Sky high prices in the Canadian real estate market won’t climb for much longer, says a report by global rating agency Fitch Ratings. The Canadian Press says the agency forecasts that home prices are in for a so-called “soft landing”. It estimates that current prices are overvalued by up to 26 per cent in some regions, and 21 per cent nationally. – CBC
  • US forces may be allowed to remain in Afghanistan after all, instead of leaving at the end of next year. The BBC reports that US Secretary of State John Kerry may have gained the extension by offering to send a letter, admitting past American mistakes in Afghanistan. – BBC
  • Two blasts yesterday near the Iranian embassy in Beirut killed at least 23 people and injured about 150. Six buildings were destroyed in the embassy compound, reports the RT News service.
  • The National Security Agency systematically collected information it wasn’t supposed to, according to 1,000 pages of highly redacted classified files released for the first time by the Obama administration. – RT
  • Faced with what it calls an economic war by the business sector, the Venezuelan government is planning to implement profit limits as part of a crackdown on overpricing. Ewan Robertson of the Venezuelanalysis website says the plan responds to revelations of mass price speculation by retailers.

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