Media Mornings: Wed, Dec 4 — Ken Clement (Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network), December 6 discussion with Joey Hartman (VDLC)

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Aboriginal Aids Awareness Week - Dec 1-6, 2013  Image - Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network
Aboriginal Aids Awareness Week – Dec 1-6, 2013 Image – Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network


  • Interview with Ken Clement (CEO Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network) about Aboriginal Aids Awareness Week, the reasons for disproportionately high rates of HIV in the Aboriginal population, and what can be done to achieve their goal of “Getting to Zero. Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths.” Event – Friday Dec 6 – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Human Rights, Global Lessons, Grass Roots Perspectives: Indigenous Peoples & HIV & Aids. Bill Reid Centre for NW Coast Art 639 Hornby. Activity Guide – here.
  • Discussion with activist Joey Hartman (Vancouver and District Labour Council) about violence against women, and December 6th. For women aged 15 – 44, gender based violence accounts for more death and disability than the combined effects of cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war.  On Dec 6 the Canadian Labour Congress is launching a nation-wide survey on the impact of domestic violence on workers and workplaces.  It is being conducted in partnership with the University of Western Ontario Centre for Research. The survey can be found from Dec 6 – June 2014-   here.
  •  December 6 events – Vancouver: 
  •  10 am – 11 am Thornton Park  – Remember Our Sisters Everywhere – vigil
  •  1pm – 2pm Vancouver Art Gallery – We Can End All Violence Against Women – shoe memorial
  •  1pm – 3pm Georgia & Granville – Murdered Women / Missing Justice – vigil

  •   5:30 pm Thornton Park – BC Federation of Labour –  candlelight vigil

  • In the latest news from the occupied territories, Gaza Strip’s only power plant has now been shut down for over a month, leaving its more than 1.6 million residents with as little as eight hours of electricity per day, with some sewage and water treatment plants failing and spilling over into the streets. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has warned that 19 of its construction projects have been ground to a halt and that tightening of the siege by Israel and Egypt is leading to an increasingly uninhabitable Gaza. – Real News
  • News Headlines: 
  • The Vancouver Sun is reporting that a federal panel has concluded that Canada’s oil spill response lacks federal leadership and isn’t prepared for disasters in high-risk areas like southern B.C.

  • The B.C. government has reached five-year tentative agreements for 50,000 workers including community health and community social services workers. The CBC reports that the agreements will see wage increases in four of the five years.

  • The Abbotsford/Mission Times newspaper has been shut down by Black Press Media, just a month after it was purchased from the Glacier Media group. – The Tyee

  • The fast-food worker movement is about to up the pressure on corporate giants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Tomorrow, 100 cities in the United States will see fast-food worker strikes. Protests in another 100 cities will support their demands for higher wages and the right to organize. – The Tyee

  • Ukraine’s opposition has failed in its attempt to force out the government with a no-confidence vote in parliament. The measure got the support of 186 members, 40 short of the majority needed, according to the Morning Star.

  • A U.S. federal judge has granted the city of Detroit protection from its creditors, according to BBC News. The decision effectively marks the largest public bankruptcy in US history.

  • Final election results have been announced in Nepal, following two weeks of ballot counting for proportional representation and first-past-the-post seats. The Himalayan country’s oldest political party, the pro-business Nepal Congress, won 196 seats in the 600-member Constituent Assembly. In second place are the Communists with 175, and then the main Maoist party, with 80. – abcnews

  • Music today included: Bruce Cockburn –  No Footprints  , Baauer – Harlem Shake Remix, Evelyn Perry – December 6 again

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