DEMOCRACY NORTH: Dec 14—Nelson Mandela Memorial Special: Jack O’Dell, Gurpreet Singh, Lawrence Boxall & Mandela’s speeches

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Nelson Mandela at the South African Communist Party nation congress in 1995.
  • 03:15 — This week’s top Canadian & global news headlines.
  • 17:10 — Nelson Mandela Tribute, featuring Mandela’s key speeches and commentary on the side of South African resistance leader too often ignored in the media. Produced by Derrick O’Keefe and Jahanzeb Hussain on Dec. 6.
  • 27:55 — Interview with Lawrence Boxall, a South African anti-apartheid activist who moved to Vancouver in 1991. Produced by Derrick O’Keefe and Jahanzeb Hussain on Dec. 6.
  • 37:10 — Interview with Jack O’Dell, former chair of Pacifica Radio when it issued a historic call to US citizens to pressure the government to condemn South African apartheid and cut all ties. Produced by Derrick O’Keefe and Jahanzeb Hussain on Dec. 6.
  • 48:25 — Interview with Gurpreet Singh, host Radio India & Georgia Straight columnist, on the legacy of Mandela for social justice and antiracist activists everywhere. Produced by Jane Bouey on Dec. 9.
  • Music: Hugh Masakela (“Bring Home Nelson Mandela”), Mbogeni Ngema (“Lizobuya” from Amandla!), Special AKA (“Free Nelson Mandela”).


  • TOP NEWS: SOUTH AFRICA: MANDELA FUNERAL — The funeral procession of Nelson Mandela passed through the streets of Pretoria on Wednesday morning, and South Africa’s first black president and anti-apartheid resistance hero passed the central prison where he was jailed in 1962 (AL JAZEERA).

  • FEDERAL: CANADA POST CUTS — The union representing postal workers issued a call to Canadians to fight to save door-to-door mail delivery, thousands of jobs and prevent what it predicts will be Canada Post’s “downward spiral” (POSTMEDIA).

  • VANCOUVER: OLYMPICS DELEGATION & LGBT RIGHTS — VANCOUVER IS PLANNING to send city councillor Tim Stevenson to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi next year to advocate for the IOC to include a non-discrimination clause for LGBTQ people in its charter (GEORGIA STRAIGHT).

  • BC: MINE DONATIONS — The BC Liberal party won’t comment on donations it has received from a mining company now receiving lobbying help in Ottawa from the provincial energy minister. Bill Bennett will be in the nation’s capital Thursday to gain federal approval for a proposed mine that has twice been ruled to threaten the environment. The project, called New Prosperity, is proposed by Taseko Mines, which has donated more than $100,000 to the BC Liberals since 2008 (24 HOURS).

  • TORONTO: G20 POLICE JAILED — A Toronto police officer has been sentenced to 45 days in jail and suspended from the force without pay for assaulting a protester during the G20 Summit (TORONTO STAR).

  • URUGUAY: MARIJUANA LEGALIZED — The world’s most far-reaching cannabis law has been passed by the Uruguayan parliament, opening the way for the state to regulate the production, distribution, sale and consumption of the planet’s favourite illegal drug (GUARDIAN).

  • IRAN/US: SANCTIONS VS DEAL — John Kerry, the US secretary of state, struggled to persuade a deeply sceptical Congress to abandon a plan for new sanctions against Iran on Monday, warning lawmakers that they risked scuppering a major nuclear agreement (GUARDIAN).

  • AFGHANISTAN: MASSACRE TRIAL — A German regional court has rejected a case accusing that country’s forces in Afghanistan of killing scores of civilians in a 2009 NATO airstrike (AL JAZEERA).

  • INDIA: GAY RIGHTS — It was supposed to be a day of celebration, with screens and even balloons put up at offices of various LGBT groups in anticipation of a verdict that would help uphold gay rights. But the SC ruling re-criminalising homosexuality came as a shocker instead (TIMES OF INDIA).

  • THAILAND: POLITICAL CRISIS — Abhisit Vejjajiva, Thailand’s former prime minister, has been indicted for murder over a deadly military crackdown on mass opposition protests in Bangkok, prosecutors have said. Thursday’s indictment came amid fresh political turmoil.

  • FRANCE: SPYING CLAUSE — French intelligence and government officials will be able to spy on internet users in real time and without authorisation, under a law passed on Wednesday (GUARDIAN).


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