DEMOCRACY NORTH: New Year’s Special Part II — Charlie Angus on Senate Scandal—Carmen Aguirre on Chile’s Sept 11—Maude Barlow—Nelson Mandela’s legacy

DEMOCRACYNORTH.NET  »  Democracy North is a weekly independent Canadian and global news hour, featuring the week’s top grassroots headlines and interviews produced by our team of journalists this week on Media Mornings daily broadcast.

In this second part of our New Year’s special, we look back on the top interviews and news stories of 2013.

Nelson Mandela at the South African Communist Party nation congress in 1995.
  •  02:45 — This week’s top Canadian & global news headlines.
  • 16:35 — Interview with Jack O’Dell, former chair Pacifica Radio, on his early calls for a boycott of apartheid South Africa’s white supremacist regime. Interviewed Dec. 6 by Derrick O’Keefe and Jahanzeb Hussain.
  • 25:30 — Interview with Charlie Angus (Ethics Critic for NDP, MP for Timmins) on the Senate scandal that exploded this year, sparked by investigations into three Senators’ improper housing expense claims and a $90,000 cheque from Harper’s chief of staff, now being investigated by the RCMP as fraud. Interviewed Oct. 24 by David P Ball.
  • 37:00 — Interview with Carmen Aguirre (Chilean-Canadian author, winner of the 2012 CBC Canada Reads prize) on the 40th anniversary of General Augusto Pinochet’s September 11, 1973 US-backed coup that ousted elected president Salvador Allende. Interviewed Sept. 11 by Derrick O’Keefe and Alfonso Osorio.
  • 51:00 — Interview with Maude Barlow (national chairperson, Council of Canadians) on her new book, ‘Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet.’ Interviewed Oct. 3 by David P Ball.
  • Music: Godspeed You! Black Emperor (“Mladic”), Rae Spoon (“I Will be a Wall”), Buffy St Marie (“Working for the Government”), Hugh Masakela (“Nelson Mandela”)

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