Media Mornings: Wed, Jan 22 — Joey Hartman (VDLC) – Temporary Foreign Workers, Alison Alkon (University of the Pacific) – Black, White, and Green: Farmers Markets, Race, and the Green Economy

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Alison Alkon Book

  • Media Mornings has been looking at the future of farming in BC over the past few weeks. Many look to local farmers markets as a key solution. Farmers’ markets are part of the green economy – considered environmentally friendly and socially responsible. However – what about their market approach to societal change and the contradictions that arise from the shift of political and social responsibility from citizens to consumers? What about those who cannot afford the products at farmers markets?  Alison Alkon, has explored these issues and more in her book, Black, White, and Green: Farmers Markets, Race, and the Green Economy.  She is in town for a talk today Wednesday Jan. 22, 12-1pm* at the Jack Bell Building, 028, 2080 West Mall, UBC. We will talk with her in the second half hour of the show. 
  • Regular contributor Joey Hartman (Vancouver and District Labour Council) is back to talk about labour issues and why they matter to us all. On today’s show she will be exploring Prime Minister Harpers’ latest comments about Temporary Foreign Workers. 
  • News Headlines
  • The BC Coroners Service has announced it will hold a public inquest into the deaths of two workers  following an explosion at the Babine Forest Products sawmill outside Burns Lake in January 2012. – cknw

  • A new scientific study indicates that the region faces major threats even from relatively weak earthquakes occurring within 100 kilometres of Vancouver. – The Tyee

  • The impending bankruptcy of Montreal-based bike-sharing company Bixi has raised concerns about Vancouver’s plans for a bike-sharing program. – CBC

  • Vancouver is ranked second only to Hong Kong in housing affordability, says the CBC.

  • A study in the latest issue of the International Journal of Child, Youth, and Family Studies finds school districts with anti-homophobia policies and/or gay-straight alliances reduce suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts for all youth. – The Tyee

  • Police in Kiev attempted to close a central opposition protest camp yesterday, but faced fierce resistance from pro-European Union demonstrators who tossed fire bombs and stones at them. – Morning Star

  • The United States’ dragnet surveillance programs have set a dangerous international precedent, according to Human Rights Watch.-  RT











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