DEMOCRACY NORTH: Jan 25—Ind. Jewish Voices on Harper & Israel—Temp Foreign Workers—People’s Social Forum

DEMOCRACYNORTH.NET  »  Democracy North is a weekly independent Canadian and global news hour, featuring the week’s top grassroots headlines and interviews produced by our team of journalists this week on Media Mornings daily broadcast.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (1st R) and his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper (2nd R) inspect guards of honor at a reception in Jerusalem, on Jan. 19, 2014. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper landed in Israel on Sunday afternoon for a four-day visit to the country to meet with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: (Xinhua/GPO/Haim Zach)
  • 02:45 This week’s top Canadian & global news headlines.
  • 19:05 — Interview with Sid Shniad (national steering committee member of Independent Jewish Voices) on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s trip to Israel and why his unconditional support for Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t sit well with Independent Jewish Voices. Interviewed on Jan. 23 by David P. Ball.
  • 34:55 — Interview with Joey Hartman (president, Vancouver & District Labour Council) on Canada’s controversial Temporary Foreign Workers Program, Harper’s unexpected criticism of the exploitation of migrant labour. Interviewed on Jan. 22 by Jane Bouey.
  • 47:40 — Interview with organizer Roger Rashi on this year’s upcoming People’s Social Forum and building Left alliances. Interviewed Jan. 17 by Derrick O’Keefe.
  • Music by: Le Trio Joublan (“Mahmoud Darwish: Mural”), Rococode (“Weapon”), Rae Spoon (“Come on Forest Fire”)

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