Media Mornings: Wed, Feb 12 — Dr. Monika Dutt (Cdn Doctors 4 Medicare) on Federal Budget — Adrienne Montani (First Call) on BC Throne Speech — Joey Hartman (VDLC) on Columbia, Free Trade and Genocide

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Dr Monika Dutt - Chair Canadian Doctors for Medicare  Image:
Dr Monika Dutt – Chair Canadian Doctors for Medicare Image:


  • The 2014-15 federal budget contains the largest annual spending cuts to date, says the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. $14 billion worth of spending cuts announced in previous budgets will take effect this fiscal year, says the CCPA. Canadian Doctors for Medicare say that the federal government once again abandoned one of Canadians’ top concerns in yesterday’s 2014 budget by ignoring health care, and creating inequality between provinces. We discuss the budget and actual health needs with Dr.  Monika Dutt, Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. (Starts at app 49 min mark)

  •  On Monday the Raise the Rates Coalition issued a satirical news release that fooled a number of news outlets, Premier Christy Clarke (sic) marked the second annual Family Day with an historic shift in government policy in order to tackle poverty in British Columbia. The coming budget will include an immediate increase in Social Assistance rates. Following this, the government will roll out ideas for a full plan to eliminate poverty in British Columbia.” Sadly the actual throne speech was bereft of any mention of actions to eliminate poverty. We speak with First Call‘s Adrienne Montani about what was missing. (at 34:30 min mark)

  • Three years after Canada signed a free-trade agreement with Colombia saying our country was committed to helping Colombians live “better, safer lives,” human rights activists came to Ottawa this week with a different message: Their nation is spiralling toward genocide, and some Canadian companies are reaping the benefits. (Ottawa Citizen)  We discuss these issues with Joey Hartman (VDLC). (at 22 min mark)

  • Other news headlines:  

  • Three people who allege John Furlong abused them when they were elementary schoolers 45 years ago have combined their lawsuits, and are now also seeking damages for defamation. – the Tyee

  • Researchers of an independent report on one of the largest ongoing oil releases in Alberta history say the provincial regulator and industry must do more to inform the public about the massive bitumen seepage. –the Tyee

  • Tenants in the Chau Luen Tower on Keefer Street are facing big rent increases for their 300 square foot apartments. – Georgia Straight

  • A prominent Pakistani journalist has gone missing after nearly two dozen men in police uniforms stormed his home and abducted him. The kidnapping came just days before he was due to testify about the impact of U.S. drone missile strikes in Pakistan. — RT

  • Organisers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have published a ‘Workers’ Charter’ in an attempt to protect the rights of migrant employees. – BBC

  • The Canadian Football League fined two players Tuesday for making inappropriate comments about openly gay NFL prospect Michael Sam. – National Post

  • The day before last year’s Women’s Memorial Marches, one of the world’s most prominent rights organizations released a devastating report accusing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of systematically “failed to protect” Indigenous women and girls in British Columbia. – Indian Country Today







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