Wed, Feb 26 — Teacher strike vote – discussion with Joey Hartman — Omnibus March Against Harper with organizer Damon Nasser Bath

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Today’s 7-8am Media Mornings independent Canadian news hour on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm:

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  • Omnibus March Against Harper – Saturday March 1st 1 pm Vancouver Art Gallery and towns and cities across Canada. Discussion with organizer Damon Nasser Bath. 47:30 min mark.
  • Political economist Aleksandr Buzgalin and international law professor John Quigley discuss the internal rivalries for power taking place within Ukraine, and the history of its relations with Russia. Audio from Real News Network. 34 min mark.
  • Today’s News Headlines:
  • The B.C. government has announced plans to change the cycle of local elections from three years to four years, as in other provinces.  After municipal votes next November, the following local election will be scheduled for October 2018. – Georgia Straight

  • A Conservative MP has retracted his claim that he saw voter cards misused in the 2011 election, reports the CBC.  NDP House leader Nathan Cullen says Mississauga-Streetsville MP Brad Butt has deliberately misled the House.

  • On a related matter, a former lawyer for Elections Canada says that the amended act could prevent the body from ever reporting on the outcome of its investigation into fraud during the 2011 campaign. – Post Media

  • One of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges has disappeared, delivering a severe blow to the virtual currency as it struggles to gain legitimacy. The Huffington Post reports that a coalition of virtual currency companies said yesterday that Tokyo-based Mount Gox went under after racking up catastrophic losses.

  • Recent leaks at the US government’s only underground nuclear waste dump have raised concerns about health risks. The Morning Star says that hundreds of people packed a meeting in New Mexico on Monday night to seek information about back-to-back accidents which released radiation at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad.

  • Jackson Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, a nationally prominent attorney and human rights activist who persuaded voters into accepting a sales tax to fix crumbling roads and infrastructure in Mississippi’s capital, died Tuesday. A mayor who was proud to say he was building a movement for revolutionary change, Lumumba died suddenly at the age of 66. – Republic

  • RT News and the AFP news agency have reported anonymous sources saying that Saudi Arabia is planning to supply Syrian rebels with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile launchers.

  • Ukraine’s interim President Olexander Turchynov has warned of the dangers of separatism following the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych. The BBC says the comments came amid continuing opposition in Ukraine’s Russian-speaking regions to the new administration in Kiev.

  • Plus – news headlines from Al Jazeera and Radio Labour


    Music included: Sixto Rodriquez – Crucify Your Mind, Geoff Berner – Victory Party, Vanessa Richards – Occupying Army





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