Thu, Mar 6—DTES plan: Jean Swanson (CCAP) & Michael Geller—Charlie Smith: PHS finances—Luke Brocki: Portland bike infrastructure

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The cover of the city’s draft plan presentation for its Downtown Eastside plan depicts the 18,500-resident neighbourhood. (CITY OF VANCOUVER PHOTO)


  • 05:40 — Today’s top news headlines from local to global current affairs — radio news roundup you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • 18:00 — Interview with freelance journalist Luke Brocki (CBC, Metro, etc)  about how P0rtland, OR has improved its bicycling infrastructure and what Vancouver could learn from it.
  • 29:30 — Interview with Charlie Smith (editor, Georgia Straight) about surprising revelations that Portland Hotel Society may be put into receivership by the province after an audit. Plus plans for an LNG plant in Squamish raises questions.
  • 45:10 — Interview with  Jean Swanson (Carnegie Community Action Project) on Vancouver’s announcement of a $1 billion plan for the Downtown Eastside, and concerns over whether social housing will even be affordable for residents on welfare and calls for an Aboriginal healing centre.


  • 52:45 — Interview with Michael Geller (architect) on the DTES plan’s impact on residents’ income mix and businesses.


  • Music: Wake Owl (“Buffalo”), ONUINU (“Always Awkward”), Son Lux (“Plan the Escape”), Horse Feathers (“Fit against the country”), Wab Kinew (“Heroes”)

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