Thu, Mar 13—Talal Kanaan on late journo Ali Mustafa—Justicia 4 Migrant Workers: Labour & TFWP—Old Man Luedecke—Charlie Smith

W2MEDIA.CA  »  Media Mornings: weekdays 7-8am 100.5fm » Independent grassroots news hour on Vancouver Co-op Radio

Ali Mustafa was photographed in Cairo in November 2011. (Photo: Peter Hapak for TIME)
  • 02:45 — Today’s top news headlines from local to global current affairs — radio news roundup you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • 16:00 — Interview with Old Man Luedecke on his Vancouver concert tonight (March 13), banjo as a ‘people’s instrument,’ GMO and Monsanto, and more.
  • 26:30 — Interview with Charlie Smith (editor, The Georgia Straight) to talk about BC’s hiring and firing of John Les as a $140,000 a year government consultant.
  • 40:45 — Interview with Talal Kanaan (Palestinian-Syrian engineer in Toronto) about the death of his friend Ali Mustafa, an activist and photojournalist killed by Syrian bombings while working in Syria this weekend. Ali was a guest on Media Mornings on Jan. 24.
  • 52:20 — Interview with Adriana Paz Ramirez and Chris Ramsaroop (Justicia 4 Migrant Workers) on why organized labour needs to choose international solidarity over protectionism when it comes to rhetoric around temporary foreign workers.
  • Music: Old Man Luedecke (“Tortoise and Hare”, “Monsanto Jones”), Aidan Knight, Trio Joubran (“Mural read by Mahmoud Darwish”), PJ Harvey (“All and Everywhere”)

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