Mon, Mar 24 — Gurpreet Singh on literary giant Khushwant Singh — Kelly Fritsch – Redesigning Normal — NASA & Climate Change

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kushwant singh
  • Feature interview with Gurpreet Singh discussing the legacy of Indian literary giant Khushwant Singh.  (Starts at 30:30 min mark.) Gurpreet has also launched a new magazineRadical Desi. For more info contact Gurpreet at 778-862-2454.
  • Kelly Fritsch discusses her recent article in Briarpatch, “Beyond the Wheelchair: Rethinking the politics of disability and accessibility. (Starts at 46:50 min mark.)
  •  NASA Climate Predictions Show Serious Threat To HumanityReal News interview with Dahr Jamail who has written extensively about climate change as well as the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. (Starts at 19:30 min mark)

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